Re-elect Nikki Haley - A rising star and a leading reformer

Several years ago, Nikki Haley arrived in the House with a big splash when she knocked off the senior House member to win her Lexington-area House seat. Since then, she’s continued to draw attention as she’s aggressively pushed a reform agenda and challenged the status quo in Columbia.

More than once, we’ve helped promote her current reform effort – requiring roll-call voting in the General Assembly. Since she came out for it, a wave of support has built up behind it so big it’s hard to see this issue not moving forward when the General Assembly returns in January. Once that mission is completed, we expect she’ll move onto another issue which has long been overlooked. Fixing problems is what she enjoys doing, which makes her extremely valuable in the State House.

Given the district’s strong lean and the fact that this district hasn’t been represented by a Democrat in over three decades, we’re a little puzzled as to why someone would want to challenge her in the fall. But it’s a free country, so her challenger has every right to run. But running for office doesn’t mean one should win. Voters have a proven workhorse and reformer in Nikki Haley, and they would be wise to send her back to the House to continue doing what she’s been doing – working for to make our state friendlier for business growth, as well as fighting for much-needed reforms in state government.

2 Response to "Re-elect Nikki Haley - A rising star and a leading reformer"

  1. Anonymous 28/10/08 10:27
    She takes time to know her issues and to listen to the people!
  2. pelingat itasco illinois mg 30/10/08 11:53
    i agree

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