Re-elect Phil Lowe – A hard worker in the State House

The race for House District 60 is likely to be a knock-down drag-out fight to the finish. But two years ago, when the seat was vacant and Phillip Lowe was running to replace retiring Rep. Marty Coates, we thought the same thing, but he proved us wrong when he scored a twenty-point win.

Usually there’s a reason a candidate pulls a blow-out victory in a tough race. We know why - Lowe's work ethic and willingness to focus on issues stands out.

In talking with his colleagues and getting to know him, we can see why he impressed the tough customers that are the voters of House District 60. In an era of well-packaged politicians, backed with slick and elaborately-spun messages, Lowe believes getting results requires hard work, instead of big talk or back-room deal-making. In his first two years in the House, he’s taken that outsider take on real-world leadership and put it to work for the Pee Dee in the State House.

In a district like this, there are a lot of people who like to take a long hard look at a candidate before they cast a ballot, which is commendable. We believe when they people of District 60 kick the tires and look under the hood to see what kind of Representative they presently have, they’ll find Lowe’s solid work ethic and willingness to see things through is worthy of their vote. If they want to keep a good thing going, they should send him back to the State House.

2 Response to "Re-elect Phil Lowe – A hard worker in the State House"

  1. Anonymous 28/10/08 09:46
    Florence residents are so lucky to have Phil Lowe working for them. He's got honor, integrity, and a strong work ethic.

    A vote for Phil is a vote for the best representation anyone could ask for!
  2. berem cook county usa mg 30/10/08 11:59
    i know phil and he is a great dude

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