Re-elect Shane Massey – Fresh new leadership worth keeping

Last year, in the special election fight to replace Democratic Senator Tommy Moore, few people expected Shane Massey to emerge from the pack, but he did, scoring an impressive landslide run-off win and then he prevailed in a tough fight against a veteran Democratic House member. We endorsed him in that race, recognized him as the Outstanding Freshman Senator from this four-year legislative term and he hasn’t disappointed us.

One of his first acts was to sponsor legislation to put an end to earmark spending in the state budget, a key campaign promise which he eagerly kept. He is also a hard worker back in his district, eagerly giving out the number to his cell phone, which he calls a “24-7 constituent service hotline”. With a passion to address big problems, as well as pay close attention to matters back home, Massey has a balanced perspective towards the job of being a Senator which has received considerable praise.

Senator Shane Massey has met and exceeded expectations for a freshman Senator, and has earned the respect of many both inside and outside of the Senate. He’s worked hard for his district, as well as the best interests of the state as a whole. These are all good reasons why voters would be wise to vote to keep him in the Senate.

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  1. adeclerc chicago metro mg 30/10/08 11:55
    another good choice

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