Send Dee Compton to the State Senate

The race to replace Senator John Drummond has been a close race since the spring, and two good candidates have offered for the seat: Republican Dee Compton, a member of Greenwood County Council, and Floyd Nicholson, the Mayor of Greenwood.

With a record of fiscal conservatism backed by no less than S.C. Association of Taxpayers President Don Weaver, Compton has consistently voted against raising County residential property taxes. Not only that, he worked to find ways to consolidate departments, implementing hiring freezes, and privatize those county services which could be done more for less by the private sector. In a rural area in which attracting new industry and jobs is a challenge and money can be tight in many households, this kind of fiscal responsibility is exactly what the District needs.

Compton brings a record of leadership in both Greenwood City and County, and his hard-working candidacy enjoys the support and respect of regional and statewide leaders. While the Democratic candidate has been a good citizen with a commendable record of service to the people of Greenwood, Compton's record and broad base of support from both citizens and community and political leaders makes the difference in this race.

Next week, we’re asking the residents of District Ten to trust Compton to be their next outstanding Senator. We believe he is best-qualified to get results for them in Columbia.

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  1. vingstsp chsthj wood dale illinois mg 30/10/08 19:10
    she would be my choice

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