Vote for Marvin Rogers – The right voice for real change

For a long time, York County’s legislative delegation has seen little change. Senators Gregory, Hayes, and Peeler, along with Representatives Delleney, Kirsh, and Simrill are all into their second or third decade of legislative service. The departure of Rock Hill State Representative Bessie Moody-Lawrence, who has held Seat 49 since 1992, has created a rare opportunity for York County to send a new face to Columbia. While replacing that much experience would seem to present a tough challenge for voters, the choice is easier than one might think.

Our choice for the seat is Republican Marvin Rogers, who will face John King, the Democratic nominee.

In a district which is almost evenly split between rural and suburban mostly-white areas and mostly-black urban areas, Rogers has worked to reach all voters with an inclusive political agenda based upon addressing common concerns about economic development, promoting the quality of life, and bringing the district’s diverse communities together. While representing such a broad constituency might make him a wild card in the House, a little political independence can be a good thing.

It’s important to note that King’s family is a long-time family in Chester County politics. He moved to the district several years ago after his political career stalled in his home county. We think the voters deserve someone who wants to serve the public, not someone who sees them as stepping stones on the path of ambition.

The differences between Rogers and King are clear – honest and inclusive vision over blind political ambition. Rogers is the honest choice, and that’s why we’re supporting him. We hope the voters of District 49 will join us in doing so.

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  1. unkest glad to be out of schiller park il mg 30/10/08 19:12
    this would be great if he can win it

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