York Democratic House candidate carpetbagging way to State House?

There's nothing wrong with a little ambition when one has earned it. But when one abandons multiple offices mid-term to move up the political ladder and then move to another county when he can't win an election in your hometown ...

You get John King, the Democratic candidate for State House District 49.

John King started out in politics a part of Chester County's controversial King family. Abandoning a City Council seat, he moved up to County Council, only to lose a 2002 challenge to GOP Rep. Greg Delleney.

When that didn't work, this perennial candidate moved to York County, where he lost a close challenge two years ago to the incumbent Rep. from District 49, Bessie Moody-Lawrence. When she opted to retire this year, King was back, making his third bid for the House.

Right now, King has two incompleted terms in office and two losing House races in two different counties to his name. In his second bid for this House seat, several community leaders have openly questioned King's record of serving the urban and rural communities which make up this House seat, which reaches from the south side of Rock Hill to York.

With eroding support among normally-Democratic community leaders in Rock Hill, local political observers aren't ruling out the possibility King could hand this normally-Democratic seat to the thriving York County GOP organization.

2 Response to "York Democratic House candidate carpetbagging way to State House?"

  1. lax mg 15/10/08 21:28
    probably not going to happen but we can hope
  2. Anonymous 21/10/08 20:37
    Anyone know if King has a wife or girlfriend? Let's see what she has to say about where he sleeps at night?

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