Bad boy Jim Brown

We see Shannon Erickson's former Democratic opponent got himself locked up again, just a couple of weeks after election day. Last time, he swore it was all a set-up. We'll be interested to see what his excuse for this one is - and if he plans to run again anytime soon:

Former Democratic S.C. House of Representative candidate Jim Brown was arrested Friday for trying to prevent a car -- not his own -- from being booted in downtown Beaufort.

Officers from the Beaufort Police Department served Jim Brown, 37, of Lady's Island with a warrant Friday afternoon for interfering with a police officer following an incident Thursday in downtown Beaufort, said Beaufort Police Chief Matt Clancy.

Clancy said Brown tried to prevent an officer from putting a boot on a car.

"The officer was dealing with a parking violation, and a car was being booted, and (Brown) became involved and interfered with the officer's actions," Clancy said. "It wasn't his car. He wasn't immediately involved but he came along and involved himself."

Brown, whose website described him as:

Feared by his opponents for his take-no-prisoners approach to pursuing justice for his clients, Beaufort attorney Jim Brown is held in extremely high regard by his colleagues in the S.C. Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers because of his outstanding research, writing, lecturing, and leadership skills.

We find it sort of ironic when a criminal defense attorney can't keep himself out of jail. Come to think of it, Brown's act sort of reminds us of those famous words uttered by another Democratic politico ... "Bitch set me up".

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  1. and i am still in iowa mg 18/11/08 23:13
    you need to quick picking on mr jim

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