Good guys & bad guys

Dirty Harry, toting his .44 magnum looking for crooks to blow away ... uhhh, we meant to say Secretary of State Mark Hammond ... named names in this year's Scrooges and Angels listing, just in time to guide holiday giving. Even better was having his helpful staff share the list with us for our review.

Hammond's office identified a number of charitable organizations as "Angels", or those who:

... were selected by review of financial reports submitted annually to the Secretary of State’s Office. The following criteria were considered: the charity must have been established for at least three years; has collected revenue greater than $20,000; 80 percent or more of the revenue must go toward the charities’ program goals; makes good use of volunteer labor; and receives minimal finding in grants. The panel also sought to showcase charities with different missions, and chose charities across South Carolina and the United States.

By this definition, the following organizations made his list of Angels for 2008:

  • Animal Protection League of SC, Inc., Hopkins, SC 93.5%
  • Careteam, Inc., Myrtle Beach, SC 95.8%
  • Carson Scholars Fund, Inc., Baltimore, MD 88.1%
  • Country Santa, Pickens, SC 99.3%
  • Experience Works, Inc., Arlington, VA 92.5%
  • Fatherhood & Families Engagement, Florence, SC 93.3%
  • Golden Harvest Food Bank, Inc., Augusta, GA 95.0%
  • Historic Charleston Foundation, Charleston, SC 85.6%
  • NAMI of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 87.2%
  • Outreach Farm, Inc., Pawleys Island, SC 98.8%

Hammond's office also named their "Scrooges", based upon the follow criteria:

The Scrooges were selected by review of financial reports submitted annually to the Secretary of State’s Office. The following criteria were considered: the charity had given 40 percent or less of the revenue to the charities’ program goals; collected revenue greater than $20,000; had many complaints filed against them; and spent a large amount of money on the use of professional fundraisers rather than volunteers.

The starring scrooges for 2008 were ...

  • American Police & Sheriff’s Association, Chepachet, RI 12.7%
  • Cancer Assistance Network, Gig Harbor, WA 24.0%
  • Children’s Cancer Fund of America, Inc., Powell, TN 14.4%
  • Committee for Missing Children, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA 10.2%
  • Dakota Indian Foundation, Inc., Chamberlain, SD 17.8%
  • Disabled Police Officers of American, Inc., Niceville, FL 11.4%
  • Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime, Anderson, IN 10.3%
  • Firefighters Charitable Foundation, Farmingdale. NY 11.1%
  • Foundation for American Veterans, Inc., West Bloomfield, MI 7.6%
  • National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, Inc., Alexandria, VA 11.3%

It's interesting to note that seven of the ten Angels were based in South Carolina, with one right across the Savannah River in Augusta. By contrast, all ten of the Scrooges were based outside of South Carolina. We also noted that a number of the Angels, such as the Animal Protection League of SC and Historic Charleston Foundation, had local missions, while the Scrooges were based out of state and spent their money out of state. We figure that South Carolinians are more likely to be conscientious and responsible with funds they solicit than an organization from elsewhere.

We certainly appreciate the work being done by Mark Hammond's office in helping inform us about both the good and the bad charities at work in South Carolina.

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  1. moye 21/11/08 15:12
    Mark is number one

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