"I thought I just hit a mailbox"

That's what she thought she'd hit yesterday morning at about 7.05 a.m.

But what the driver of a Dodge Durango actually hit when she swerved through someone's yard along Axtell Drive in Summerville was my daughter Bonnie, who was walking to school.

After hitting her with her rear-view mirror hard enough to knock the glass out, the driver just kept on going.

Fortunately, someone was right behind that car and stopped to help my daughter and call 911. He also got a good look at the driver and her vehicle, finding her about an hour later at her home nearby. While talking with the trooper, the driver seemed rather indifferent, saying she figured she'd hit a mailbox, so she just kept going. She admitted to having just gotten in from an all-nighter, during which time her windshield was apparently smashed in (she didn't seem to know how it happened) - prompting law enforcement to send an alert to see what other hit-and-runs she may have been involved in.

After spending most of yesterday morning at her doctor's office and getting x-rays, the prognosis is a fractured clavicle - collarbone - with weeks with a sling and limited use of her writing hand, but we'll know more later today. It's also a good thing we have insurance, because it seems it seems the driver doesn't (her first claim about insurance turned out to be bogus). She was cited for several offenses, including leaving the scene of an accident, and driving too fast for conditions. We expect that driving without insurance will be added to the list.

All things considered, it could have been worse, but it's still infuriating that it happened at all.

Since she didn't really care what she hit or bother to see what happened, then we figure she won't care what charges are brought against her. To that end, the Blogland will be talking with the 1st Circuit Solicitor's office real soon, and we're looking forward to seeing what they can do to hold her accountable.

Stay tuned.

7 Response to ""I thought I just hit a mailbox""

  1. Mattheus Mei 20/11/08 06:08
    Oh my God, that's aweful!!! Earl, I'm praying for your daughter's recovery and hopefully this woman's indifference quickly becomes remorse -- just terrible!

  2. The Byzantine Rambler 20/11/08 07:08
    Bonnie will be in our prayers! Thank God she wasn't hurt worse.
  3. Joshua Gross 20/11/08 08:51
    Wow. Glad she's going to be OK. She'll be in my prayers.
  4. west_rhino 20/11/08 09:44
    Our prayers are with you and Miss Bonnnie. We're glad that this wasn't far worse.
  5. Moye Graham 21/11/08 15:10
    just said a prayer for you two
  6. Brian McCarty 22/11/08 06:57
    Earl, this is horrible. My prayers are for your daughter's speedy recovery. Forgive me for my cynicism, but I just don't believe for one moment the driver thought she hit a mailbox. My guess is she knew she hit a little girl and was scared to death.

    Thank God your girl will recover. What a distinctly personal reminder about the dangers of either drunk or tired driving.

    I just hate the fact your kid has to go through this because of someone's stupidity. It makes me angry.

    Though I don't have a daughter, I have been a part of raising one through a good friend of mine. The good Lord knows only HE could restrain me in such a thing. I am still just flat angry at the driver for hurting your little girl.

    Again, I will send my prayers for your little girl's recovery.

    What an ass that driver seems to be.
  7. Brian McCarty 22/11/08 07:03
    Another thing to note Earl, go get em. I have no mercy for someone who hits a little kid on the way to school and acts like it was a mailbox. To hell with that. Man, I am so angry. Had it been my baby brother or the girl I helped raised, I would be in jail already. You show remarkable restraint that speaks well to your character. I don't have that strength of character. I would be in trouble. Prosecute away.

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