What's going on at the Fairgrounds?

Anyone driving down Assembly Street near the USC stadium has probably noticed the ongoing work at the Fairgrounds. If not, then maybe you saw the story on the front page of The State:

The State Fairgrounds parking lot — one of the main tailgating areas for USC football games — is undergoing a $4.5 million beautification project that will include paved roads, drainage, curbing and 250 adult trees.

The work comes a year and a half before a 40-year contract expires between USC and the independent, nonprofit society that runs the fair.

Under the contract, the State Agricultural and Mechanical Society of South Carolina, established by the Legislature in 1869, receives $8,500 per game for 5,600 spaces.

Today, the university charges Gamecock Club members — fans who make donations to the university for better seats — $225 to $260 per season for a space.

That means, on the low end, USC could make about $1.2 million before any fees are paid in a season with seven home games.

What you're seeing is my company's latest project, which started a few weeks ago (yeah, I really work in the private sector, so I'm not pimping myself out to the education establishment or anyone else for a paycheck).

U.S. Group will be busy for the next few months doing a considerable amount of work on the Fairgrounds site, improving the parking areas and storm runoff drainage systems. Part of this includes a pretty neat high-tech system which will allow storm water runoff to be put into the soil underneath the parking lot, instead of running off into nearby neighborhoods or the Congaree River, both known for flooding problems.

We'll be done in the spring, well before Gamecocks football and the State Fair. People going to both will probably appreciate a drier walk to and from these events, and those who live and work in the surrounding area will appreciate the fact that we're using an innovative approach to solving this problem which won't involve flooding their neighborhoods and businesses.

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  1. the greenville sc person 28/11/08 16:53
    USC gets this cheap parking now the state is going to sell the old Farmers Market to USC like one state agency to another and they are selling it cheap. That is why we needed William Bell for Commissioner of Agriculture.

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