Christianity and Western Civilization - Dinesh D'Souza

We did a little holiday reading, including a recent essay by Dinesh D'Souza, who argues that Christianity has contributed much to Western civilization. He sees faith as inseparable, and warns of the potential harm in the growing secularization taking place in contemporary society:

(T)here has arisen a new atheism that represents a direct attack on Western Christianity. Books such as Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, Christopher Hitchens’ God Is Not Great, and Sam Harris’ The End of Faith, all contend that Western society would be better off if we could eradicate from it the last vestiges of Christianity. But Christianity is largely responsible for many of the principles and institutions that even secular people cherish—chief among them equality and liberty.

For those of you who care about issues more philosophical in nature than the pissing matches which are the norm for discussion of South Carolina politics, we think it's an essay worth reading - so go check it out.

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  1. west_rhino 9/1/09 09:44
    If I wasn't also on Hillsdale's mailing list, I might ask if Father Titus put you on to Dinesh's work...
  2. graham slough mg 9/1/09 21:09
    Where did you come up with this
  3. Earl Capps 9/1/09 22:44
    The voices in my head.
  4. Anonymous 10/1/09 07:42
    'morning Earl --

    I want to forward you this web site link:

    I have just discovered it after reading "The Shack: Unauthorized Theological Critique." I wanted to get an informed perspective before reading "The Shack" -- which is being called undiluted heresy.

    Thanks for the inspiration your blog sends out to all the wayfaring pilgrims!

    The New and Improving
  5. Earl Capps 10/1/09 09:22
    Spicoli, your dudeness ... interesting article. It certainly calls into question the whole megachurch thing, with it's emphasis on comfort and "coolness", built around an eloquent speaker.

    Come to think of it, what I see in the mega(entertainment) churches is eerily reminiscent of the televangelists of the 80s - and we know how all of that ended up.

    Sometimes, there is truth in the statement that there is nothing new.
  6. lake mg 10/1/09 10:01
    Joel Osteen is the man
  7. Anonymous 10/1/09 18:38
    Joel Osteen is the [rich preacher] man, no doubt. But, does God want him poor? I think not!!!

    And his wife, Victoria, is probably not as mean as they would like to make her out to be. Though I'm sure she can get feisty.

    Joel sure is cute. And he is an Oral Roberts University drop out, like me. And his Daddy was a very good man.

    That's all I know about him.

  8. Sarah Nuckles 12/1/09 20:11
    Try "Can Man Live Without God" by Ravi Zacharias - one of the greatest Christian apologetics and an excellent companion piece to "What's So Great About Christianity" by D'Souza

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