Contractors' legislative reception next Tuesday

We figured this picture might be more aesthetically pleasing than the stereotypical images of contractors, especially plumbers.

Since we've got your attention, via this photo, we'd like to ask our readers at the State House to mark their calendars for next Tuesday evening.

Next Tuesday evening - February 3 - Carolinas AGC, the regional chapter of the national organization of general contractors, will be holding its annual legislative reception at the Koger Center. We'll be there from 6 to 8 pm and would love to get to know you, learn about what's going on at the State House and share our concerns about the issues of the day.

Also, we'd like to assure our readers that this picture is not intended to suggest the Blogland is not entering the soft porn blogger market. We respect those who have mastered that genre, so our family-friendly imagery and drawn-out ramblings will pose no harm to the minds and morals of our readers, regardless of age - that is except when we bore you half to death.

3 Response to "Contractors' legislative reception next Tuesday"

  1. Anonymous 28/1/09 17:14

    It looks like that girl doesn't know how to put those clothes on. Or is it shoes and a towel?

    Maybe people like her best that way. To each their own!
  2. Anonymous 29/1/09 09:40
    You should have gotten Harrington to do that photo shoot. She's smokin hot.
  3. still kind of sick mg 1/2/09 14:56
    that is an old but classic photo

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