Dems fail to get Twilight Zone host to give State of the State rebuttal

Unconfirmed reports received by the Blogland claim that the first pick to give the Democratic response to Governor Sanford's State of the State address was not Kershaw County State Senator Vincent Sheheen. According to sources, it was believed that Rod Serling, the host of the classic science fiction show "The Twilight Zone" was considered the best selection for the slot.

We tried to conjure up an image of what that would look like. Yeah, it seemed pretty funny when we thought about it.

We tried to fish around to get to the bottom of this rumor, but when contacted for comment, Senate Democratic Caucus Director Phil Bailey was unavailable.

3 Response to "Dems fail to get Twilight Zone host to give State of the State rebuttal"

  1. Anonymous 16/1/09 09:03
    Wasn't the speaker available?
  2. Anonymous 16/1/09 15:21
    Works for me.
  3. i really hate flying you know mg 17/1/09 21:40
    I liked that little fella who was on the plane wing see him several times.

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