Gaza conflict question

Does anyone else notice the irony in how Hamas, whose members fire unguided rockets into Israeli communities and wire children with suicide bombs can be so critical of the conduct of the Israeli Defense Forces?

Or is it just me?

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  1. Anonymous 15/1/09 14:45
    Does anyone else notice how there are some people that think they have to take sides in this conflict, as if either side was right or wrong, and as if this had anything to do with United States interests?
  2. Anonymous 15/1/09 15:35
    The Israeli response is just too complicated. A few nukes and the rocket attacks stop permanently.
  3. alberta canada mg 15/1/09 22:07
    I am for nuking the whole area except Israel and to Anon 1445 the U S has a whole lot to do with this.
  4. west_rhino 16/1/09 09:00
    I take it as confirmation that Iran, Hamas' puppet master, hasn't finished a H Bomb yet, else Hamas might discover it has served its purpose.

    Hamas and Hezbollah have both used rockets that have warheads that violate the Geneva convention, packed with buckshot and ballbearings, with the express purpose of killing and maiming Israelis. Iran's puppets do so with the complicity of a press that hates Israel (the subject of an entirely different thread) selectively omitting Israeli casualties, often reporting, at the best, Israeli killed, while detailing the PLO and Fatah killed and wounded (kinda like someone finding a way to put Republicans and Libertarians in harms way in the same uniform).

    Earl, it isn't irony, it is hypocrisy.

    Of course it could be that you are one of those bitter, Bible clinging, straight white Christian males that asks questions about the outrages that are obvious, though the press insists that Israel is the aggressor.

    Anon 1445, let me sit outside your home, unprovoked, and start throwing rocks, breaking your windows, firing 12 gauge slugs into your windows... one side is right and one side is wrong.

    Anon 1535 and moye, nukes present collateral damage that is unacceptable to Israel, except (as Golda Meier faced in the '73 war) under the Sampson option, as retaliation for being over-run (word has it that one of their nukes was targeted on Moscow).
  5. Anonymous 16/1/09 10:54
    alberta, stop kidding yourself. The only reason we are involved is because of silly religious reasons and apologizing for everything Israel does or is involved in. There is no strategic, vital US interest in Israel. You know this.
  6. Anonymous 16/1/09 19:41
    A religion:

    That does nothing
    That gives nothing
    That costs nothing
    That suffers nothing,
    Is worth nothing.

    [written in an old cookbook of my grandmother's]


    Zechariah 2:8

    For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.
  7. Anonymous 16/1/09 19:43

    [Good stuff from Toni (: ]
  8. Anonymous 21/1/09 22:47
    Check this out if you haven't already:

    Geert Wilders: "Defend our freedom before it is too late."

    Good stuff, that.

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