The low price for Hit and Run in South Carolina

Over the last couple of months, a lot of Blogland readers have asked how my daughter was doing after a recent hit-and-run incident. When my daughter was sore from her injuries, going somewhere and having someone ask how she was doing made her day a little better on more than one occasion.

This morning was court day at the magistrate's court for the driver, charged with leaving the scene of an accident, operating an unsafe vehicle and driving too fast for conditions. Having supposedly figured out who her insurer was, she finally produced proof of insurance so that charge was dropped. All said, after paying about three hundred dollars in fines, she's done and off the hook - no need to even appear in front of the judge to explain her actions, much less jail time.

That's all she got.

While many instances of hit and run which involve injury require an appearance in General Sessions court and the aggrieved party gets their day in court, apparently my daughter's incident was the exception to the rule.

The kind of person who can drive off and not care that they injured someone, or is so loaded or irresponsble they don't even notice, should be standing in front of a judge to explain their actions, and if found guilty, required to serve jail time.

Several legislators have been contacted about closing this loophole and they're willing to work on this. The Blogland will work to keep readers informed as to the progress of this legislative effort - and we'll be naming names along the way.

Stay tuned.

9 Response to "The low price for Hit and Run in South Carolina"

  1. Anonymous 20/1/09 18:58
    Are you kidding me?
  2. Anonymous 20/1/09 19:40
    Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise and will bring more scrutiny, and appropriate penalties to future thugs and their recklessness.

    I found out the hard way, that justice is VERY BIASED. Especially in magistrate's court. And especially Judge Rawl's court in Lexington, SC. And especially if you are NOT a friend of Donnie Myers or 'Judge' Rawl.

    It's p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c, to no small degree.

    Glad your daughter is OK. The angels were watching her back. They have to -- the courts surely aren't.
  3. Anonymous 20/1/09 21:33
    My oh my Earl, this was surprising, but in a way it wasn't at all. I know a right wingnut like yourself doesn't care about the children of this state, but it's a sign of hope that you at least care about your own.

    When you stop hanging out with the SCRG kooks (your criticisms of them don't fool those of us who know how much they're paying you) and care about someone else's kids as much as you do your own, it will probably be the day hell freezes over.

    Bush is gone. Soon you will be too.
  4. Earl Capps 20/1/09 21:56
    2133, normally I'd say something, given my argumentative nature, but in this case, I'll leave the comments up there and let them speak for themselves.

    You're living in the Twilight Zone. I hope you like it there.
  5. still under the weather and cold mg 20/1/09 22:38
    2133 anon you are nuts
  6. west_rhino 21/1/09 09:43
    Welll Earl, perhaps it is a bit of good ol' bubba, never mind what the law says, incompetent magistrate rolls over and makes it up as he or she goes along. Reminds me of the Carter Whitehouse in some ways and of one circuits reportedly corrupt guardian ad litem system.

    Hang in there, I suspect Glen can help shake a few things up.

    Remind me, was that an appointed or elected imbicile presiding?
  7. Earl Capps 21/1/09 09:49
    West - she never had to appear before a judge at all. It was treated like an ordinary traffic offense - pay your ticket and go on about your business.

    In this case, it's not a matter of the judge, but rather how these offenses are classified under state law.

    Driving off from any incident where you hit someone should be classed as something more serious than a mere traffic ticket.
  8. Anonymous 21/1/09 10:54
    And what about shooting at a vehicle, even on your own property by "NOT FRIENDS" of an 18-yr-old member of the household? That is what happened to my son's car, probably only because LSU beat the Lamecocks, September 22, 2007 -- while we (the parents) were in Chapin watching the football game.

    4 shots to the car and one shot to our front porch doorbell (couldn't afford the forensics to prove the doorbell shot).

    This from 2 18-yr-old thugs that were over at our house "visiting" (harassing) my 18-yr-old son. Lexington County Sheriff's Department didn't even look into it. They told me I would have to take it up with the magistrate's office to get any charges pressed. That would have been a joke, seeing as I am NOT a friend of Judge Rawl or Donnie Myers.

  9. Mike Reino 22/1/09 18:46
    God help the legal and legislative systems... Earl is pissed off, and on a mission !!

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