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I made the news last night (and no, not for drug possession or date rape). For those of you who wonder if I work in the private sector, or if I work at all, I offer my readers proof that I don't work for SCRG, the "Education Establishment", some supposedly RINO law firm, or anyone else in the realm of politics.

This Channel 2 news story was filmed last night on our Interstate 26 project, where our night work on widening the freeway has been plagued with everything from dangerous driving to outright assaults by passing motorists.

Click here to view the footage, including about ten seconds of yours truly.

... and if you're traveling through this or any other work zone, we ask you to please, please, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!

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  1. Anonymous 7/1/09 12:38
    Wow. Be careful out there. Thugs driving around amok. Roadblocks and license checks before and after the work site probably wouldn't be a bad idea.


    So glad they have [sort of] fixed the grammar on the signs. 2 complete sentences with no punctuation is better than the old:

    Please slow down, my dad works here

    Or am I the only one that bugged?


    The anal-retentive grammarian.
  2. wish i was in Charleston mg 7/1/09 19:30
    Yea I seen the video was in Charleston last night also finally made it back to the lake. Was that a diet coke. Serious people should be careful in work zones it is an extremely dangerous place not only for workers but the general public. Hurry up and get it done. Safely of course.
  3. Mike Reino 8/1/09 00:36
    Jim Heath from Channel 15 in Myrtle Beach used your 7th District map on his blog, and they put a piece on it during the AM news earlier this week too. You're a star, baby! A BIG , FRIGGIN' STAR !!!!!!
  4. Anonymous 12/1/09 08:40
    Smart guy who looks good on camera. You go to church and have an education.

    I've got a cousin who wouldn't care if you're Catholic so long as you respect her and her kids. If you're wife shopping, which it seems you are, I'll tell her to look your way.
  5. Anonymous 17/1/09 16:33
    Wow, Earl -- some people sure are nosy. Accusing you of wife shopping! Good Grief.

    Well -- one would think the best ones would be found at church. That is exactly where the wildest ones are, too.

    Go figure. My husband found me in a bar in New Orleans at Mardis Gras. Lost as a goose from 'my party.'

  6. Earl Capps 17/1/09 17:23
    1633 - so don't marry someone like you? Did you try giving your husband the same advice?

    Us Catholics have a rep for being a little more loose. They diss us for thinking confession is how to clear the slate after running wild, but it's no worse that those of the fundamentalist persuasion who live the same way, but it's ok, because they're "saved".

    Me - I'm not too wild. I'm too busy, tired, and being broke has something to do with it as well.

    I'll say a prayer for your husband. Sounds like you're a handful ;)
  7. Anonymous 17/1/09 20:43
    Catholicism is an often beautiful, sometimes suspect faith that I married into. And yes, I did try to warn him -- but after the pledges were made, the Catholic/Sicilian/Mafioso Madre chimed in and said I couldn't undo it. I tend to not want to mess with a union born of mafioso & Marie Laveau winds.


    My husband will appreciate your prayers. They may be all that will save his a55.
  8. Earl Capps 17/1/09 21:39
    I like your attitude. But heck, it's easy because I don't even know who you are, much less have to live with you.

    Y'all do sound like good people. Hang out here and speak your piece anytime.
  9. Anonymous 17/1/09 21:57
    They only have to live with me up here in Columbia. But I am going to teach them a lesson.

    @ last sentence:

    "Whatever the truth may be about Marie Laveau, the concept remains of a strong, independent woman who earned the fear and respect of an entire city."

  10. Anonymous 18/1/09 19:14
    Just Kidding.

    May Marie Laveau RIP!!!

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