Odd search keywords and phrases

One of the biggest sources of traffic to the Blogland is from search engine referrals. Any given month, we get thousands of visits from those who go to sites like Yahoo or Google, type in some word or phrase and see a Blogland posting in the search results.

According to our Google Analytics reports, which track traffic to the Blogland, most months anywhere between 600-800 unique search words and phrases will lead people to the blogsite. While the overwhelming number of them include "Earl Capps" or "West Asset Manangement" (a posting complaining about their aggressive and underhanded debt collection practices is still a top ten read), there are often well over 500 of these search entries that generate just one or two visits.

In broswing through the reports, a number of last month's keywords stood out, making us wonder what the connection was between their searches and the Blogland:

Hitting mailboxes: "hit mailbox jail", "i hit a mailbox", "i hit someone's mailbox", "insurance mailbox hit", "law hitting mailbox with car", and "offense for hitting a mailbox with car "

Beating criminal charges: "beating cdv in s.c.", and "can my state parole be ran concurrent with my federal drug charges"

... and here are a few more odd ones. No matter how much we pondered them, we just didn't understand the connection between their search terms and the Blogland:

  • "dominitrix philadelphia"
  • "itchy powder olympics"
  • "nazi metal blog"
  • "south carolina govenor's whorehouse bonds"
  • "till the fbi come we gonna have a ball rap song"

8 Response to "Odd search keywords and phrases"

  1. Mattheus Mei 8/1/09 07:54
    Ha, now I want to look at Analytics for my traffic. I do know consistently one word that draws a lot of traffic to my site is "Hipster" or "Hipster Wedding," but I don't think I have search results for anything as exotic like SC Governor's Whorehouse
  2. Calhoun Fawls 8/1/09 07:59
    I was listening to nazi metal as I was finding a way to get my girlfriend out on bond from the governor's whorehouse. When I found the money, she kept saying something about some guy named sic willie and his whorehouse and she would be paid better if she worked there. I dunno.
  3. Anonymous 8/1/09 15:01
    Calhoun, are you and your girlfriend gonna rap until the FBI comes?
  4. Anonymous 8/1/09 15:05
    earl it sounds like your visitors are as strange as u are
  5. Anonymous 8/1/09 15:15
    i think 1505 has a point. there must be some reason why nobody wants to marry you.
  6. Greeleyville MG 8/1/09 15:21
    Earl mostly when I am on the road I use the blogland of earl capps on google to get to your site.
  7. Anonymous 8/1/09 16:16
    Earl, this research you have done is way cool -- and could wrap up my theory that SC is, in fact, the most bizarre place I have ever lived.

  8. wish i was in clarendon mg 11/1/09 21:25
    i know someone in manning that may be hunting you wow

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