Our fallen Highway Patrolmen

On the website for the South Carolina Highway Patrol is a page dedicated to the memory of those highway patrolmen who died in the line of duty -

The names and stories on this website remind us of just how dangerous their jobs are - not only in facing the risks associated with stopping unknown individuals even though their nearest backup is often many miles away, but also the hazards that come from the traffic on our state's all too dangerous highways which are their daily beats.

They do a tough and often thankless job, and do it well. For this, our state's highway patrolmen and their families have our prayers and our most sincere thanks.

5 Response to "Our fallen Highway Patrolmen"

  1. R. Brian McCarty 14/1/09 06:28
    Thank you for this posting. Thank you to all the members of the SCHP who often do a thankless job.
  2. Anonymous 14/1/09 10:52
    They saved my life -- crazy as it was.

    Thanks, Highwaymen!
  3. west_rhino 14/1/09 11:44
    Ditto Brian! IMHO, anyone that claims to be for law and order might consider linking to that site.
  4. looking at the snow minus 12 mg 14/1/09 13:27
  5. Waldo 14/1/09 23:51
    On the other hand, let's not use fetishising the dead to whitewash some of the egregious acts of the living. The dead are dead, and God bless them to their erest. The rest of us have to deal with the live ones, a mixed lot at best. It takes a rare character not to abuse the extraordinary power they have, and it has been apparent for some time that many have not learned how to stay this side of the line that marks abuse.

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