Secret Agent Man, inspired by William Shatner

As more proof that the Blogland is not for sale, we offer our readers this posting.

We were recently offered a payoff by another blogger to stop posting Shatner videos. Since we're not on the take, we figured we'd share a video of something different - this performance of "Secret Agent Man" by someone acting like Shatner.

6 Response to "Secret Agent Man, inspired by William Shatner"

  1. Tiberius Kirk 29/1/09 06:54
    Oh my
  2. Anonymous 29/1/09 10:43
    Mmmmmmmmm -- they way he uses those big hands, and those big spy sentences!!!

    Every DAY I am amazed that I beat the odds & lived to see it!

    What, with all that burning up the blogland the night before...about my evil neighbors, who have MUCH experience in ridding the planet of my ilk. "Such an unfortunate accident," the less-seasoned will say when I finally make the papers!
  3. Mike Reino 29/1/09 20:36
    Aw Shit, It's On Again !!!
  4. Earl Capps 29/1/09 20:53
    Ok, Mike, let's do it. Give it your best shot.
  5. still in greeleyville mg 1/2/09 14:55
    damn another war

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