Senate GOP sets out a reform agenda

The folks at the Senate GOP caucus are busy these days. Led by Confederate General Glenn McConnell and his trusty sidekick Harvey "the Milk Man" Peeler, they announced an ambitious 2009 agenda for reform, entitled "Sunshine in South Carolina".

This agenda aims to increase accountability, set new standards for transparency, and promote new government, aims to accomplish a number of objectives in this year's session of the General Assembly.

  • Establish spending caps,
  • Enact On the record voting (accomplished),
  • Implement Earmark reform,
  • Online check register,
  • Create a Department of Administration
  • Allow a referendum for joint Gov-Lt. Gov ticket
This agenda certainly challenges the notion that reform ideas have few, if any, friends in the State Senate. It's certainly ambitious, but we like it.

1 Response to "Senate GOP sets out a reform agenda"

  1. Black River MG 21/1/09 12:47
    Only if Bobby tells them it is ok to do in the other chamber

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