Steele wins National GOP leadership

We want to congratulate Michael Steele, the new RNC Chairman, who trounced Katon Dawson, SCGOP chair. In the final round, it was 91 votes for Steele and 77 for Dawson.

We just spoke with a South Carolina black Republican activist who told us "I'm going out to get a bottle of wine and celebrate".

Michael Steele has South Carolina roots. His grandmother grew up near Orangeburg, so either way South Carolina has a friend at the RNC.

We look forward to the upcoming race for SCGOP chair, and hope that the state party will elect new leadership which is just as visionary and inclusive.

5 Response to "Steele wins National GOP leadership"

  1. Anonymous 30/1/09 17:35
    Yay!!! Congratulations to Mr. Steele -- and Katy Bar the Door. The RINO's are gonna call for Holy RINO blood drives. Or something.

    BTW, Earl -- did you know you are the third Politico Blogger Dude that has been rendered to SC Hotline's B-S-Ometer?

    First it was Sic Willie, then it was Adam Fogle; you're on it Jeffrey skeered of a little healthy competition?!? Maybe he is behind all this "Fairness Doctrine" crapola -- only he is going very covert by getting Nancy Pelosi [unrepentant skank] to do his dirty work. Oh My!!!
  2. back in greeleyville mg 30/1/09 20:20
    I know Mr. Steele and he is a good man and a Moderate. My son Sumter and I had dinner with him a couple of years ago in Columbia also at the National Convention in MSP he spoke at a SC Delegate breakfast. He is an honorable man and I hope he is successful in bringing back our party. While I did want Katon to win the GOP has spoken. Katon did not get beat that bad Earl. This thing went for 5 rounds. A lot of the GOP wanted change and that is what they got but by no means was this a landslide victory. Or at least I see it that way. I do hope Katon will not run again for the State Chairman job but if he does I may have to support him again. I hope he runs for a statewide office. As you know right now I am behind Kevin Hall. We all know your best friend Rick Beltram is running for State Chairman also.
  3. Earl Capps 31/1/09 02:00
    Anon - if he wants to argue that what I said was BS, then he's welcome to present evidence, other than just his say-so alone. Real fact-checking presents evidence to support its arguments.

    He completely missed the key points of my posting - I was trying to clarify the misrepresentation that the One Stops are part of the ESC, as well as explaining the dilemna faced by the One Stop and ESC systems in placing job seekers.

    It's a free country, so he's welcome to say what he wants. But he would be wise to do the homework to back his claims if he wants people to believe them.
  4. Anonymous 2/2/09 10:20
    From one that still has issues with Katon's ethics from past campaigns, I await his replacement and appreciate his not reaching a Peter Principle progression to the top.
  5. Anonymous 5/2/09 21:09
    Moye, what is moderate about Steele? There weren't any moderates in the race for RNC chair. Dawson was the closest to a moderate, but thats just cause he wants Republicans to win wheter they are RINOS or not.

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