Treehuggers unite (it'll make them easier to target)

In their ongoing efforts to deprive America's working families from affordable power, inhibit economic development in impoverished southern states, and force a greater reliance upon coal-fired power plants environmentalists are striking back. To help with their efforts to turn back the clock in South Carolina, Bonnie Raitt will be coming to perform at a love-in to help raise money to fight the intended expansion of the V.C. Sumner - which is a primary source of power for electricity for their benefit:

Singer-guitarist Bonnie Raitt will headline an anti-nuclear fundraiser March 21 at Columbia’s Township Auditorium.

Funds raised will help support the efforts of the S.C. Chapter of the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth – South Carolina, the Nuclear Information and Resource Service Southeast and Nuclear Watch South. Their efforts include a push to block licensing of two new reactors at the V.C. Summer power plant in Fairfield County and their opposition to plutonium reprocessing at the Savannah River Site.

We suggest they do their part to fight the expansion at this event by reducing electric power demand by turning off the lights, the amps, and just going the hell back home.

5 Response to "Treehuggers unite (it'll make them easier to target)"

  1. Anonymous 16/1/09 13:41
    Right. Or she should at least do the thing in true, tree-hugger form.

    By March 21 it will be warm enough to have the thing outside, in a big tent made from caterpillar droppings, with no electricity needed because the sound system is crafted from parabolic things.

    Whatever parabolic is.
  2. Anonymous 16/1/09 15:21
    Earl, just have Sanford send them to Gaza to take the SAT so they will be in the twilight zone.
  3. Anonymous 16/1/09 17:09
    Hmm, perhaps they ought to have the concert in Lost Wages, Nevada, since Nevada's Harry Reid is the weasel that is forcing all the plutonium and high level waste to stay at Savannah River Site, rather than storing it in in the billion dollar hole in the ground in Nevada, that was purpose built to house the glassified material.

    PO'ed about your cancer, blame the senior Democrat from Nevada that says you have to live down stream from more nuclear waste at the Savannah River Site...
  4. back from the great white north without my luggage again mg 17/1/09 21:38
    I have been on the Savannah River plant dozens of times on business and it aint nice or right. Now I do believe in Nuclear power plants and been on a few of them also and it aint nice either. The waste has to go somewhere right. We need the money in SC.
  5. Anonymous 24/1/09 12:21
    yeah, lets be like the French - they have affordable nuclear. oh wait I forgot, its only affordable because its a socialist country and the government runs the nukes. well, heck, we're headed in that direction anyway, lets just add socialized energy to that list of bailouts and handouts . why not?

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