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These days, workplace immigration issues are no laughing matter. Working in the construction industry and being responsible for the hiring of workers, I know this better than most people.

I do the hiring processing for new hires, which includes checking their eligibility for employment using the E-Verify system. While the proper scrutiny of the identification documents which are required by the I-9 form should be enough, thanks to a lot of unscrupulous employers, it's not enough.

The E-Verify system is a good way to make sure a new hire is who they say they are. If they're not U.S. citizens and are presenting work visas, images of their documents are kept in the E-Verify database displayed on the screen for comparison to the documents which the new hire has presented - if it's not a perfect match, then you may be required to send them to the local USCIS office to clarify the issue, or release them from employment.

For most employers, the use of the system is voluntary, but in states such as South Carolina, which are mandating screening, E-Verify is something that you either are using, or may soon be getting accustomed to. If you're a federal contractor, there is a pending Executive Order which will soon mandate its use.

A word of caution - current employees or prospective employees cannot be screened, only new hires. Anyone using this to weed out their current workforce or screen applicants risks getting in trouble.

I use it regularly to screen new hires. Take my word - it's fast, easy to use, and protects your company from civil and CRIMINAL (yes, they prosecute these days) liability. A bonus for employers is that when using E-Verify, they can't be held liable for a wrongful hire that was authorized when using the E-Verify system.

Anyone who has any questions about using E-Verify is welcome to email me.

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