Carolinas AGC reception tonight - be there

This is just a friendly reminder to legislators and staff that the annual legislative reception tonight at the Koger Center from 6 to 8 p.m. Leslie, Sammy, Allen and a lot of others have worked really hard to make sure this is a great event for all who attend, so we know you won't be disappointed.

While we think listening to the concerns of business leaders from any industry is important, since the construction industry pays the bills for the Blogland, it's especially important to us that legislators hear our concerns.

As the current economic slump has hit this industry especially hard, with up to half its workforce statewide laid off over the last 18 months, we in the construction industry are understandably concerned about where things are headed.

We hope to see all of you there.

7 Response to "Carolinas AGC reception tonight - be there"

  1. west_rhino 3/2/09 09:05
    Let me guess, Michael Phelps will not be in attendance, though his coach is still in the Columbia (and USC) area.

    Is it just my perception or does teh media have a similar bias against Gamecocks that they have against elected Republicans? (q.v. Bernard Goldberg interview with G. Gordon Liddy 29 Jan 09)?
  2. still sick in gtown mg 3/2/09 12:40
    Are you going to speak Earl
  3. mg 3/2/09 12:41
    By the way I am going to miss it for health reasons Doctor orders.
  4. again mg 3/2/09 12:42
    WR I know you aint talking about The State Newspaper.
  5. Earl Capps 3/2/09 12:45
    Nope, Moye. The event ain't about me. For me, it's just a meet and greet.
  6. Anonymous 3/2/09 16:59
    Have fun @ your meet & greet, Earl.


    Somebody has blown up Folks' web site...what is going on?!? Is somebody about to get arrested? Is it him or me this time?

  7. west_rhino 4/2/09 10:06
    mg, when Pravda on the Congaree is still PO'ed over being inconvenienced by stadium parking, that is one part of it, though I well remember Sports Illustrated "cherry picking" Pam Parsons as a scapegoat for some self-righteous homophobia, despite an equal number of rumors floating about other women coaches.

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