FITS gets de-listed, and so did we

Saturday, we got several calls and emails letting us know that the Blogland was de-listed from SCHotline's blogroll. We checked it out and found out that our readers were right - as they usually are.

Sources told us that Jeff Sewell, who runs SCHotline these days, said his advertisers were complaining that his listed blogs weren't posting on a daily basis, and that we were one of those slow-posting sites. We'd invite you to look at some of the other blogs to see if they meet this standard - and then we'd invite you to look on the sidebar of the Blogland and look at the number of postings each month, which typically exceed the number of days in any given month.

After you take a look, we'll let you reach your own conclusions about what he did, and why. But it's his site, so it's his right to do what he wants and he doesn't owe anyone an explanation, so we're not going to worry about it.

Since our traffic hasn't been adversely impacted by the delisting, no harm was done, so we're not gonna take it personally.

Today, Sic Willie, the Mack Daddy of the SC political blogosphere, reported that FITSNews was also delisted from Hotline, which Sic suspected had something to do with Jeff being voted the winner of FITSNews' recent "Slow Zebra" contest.

To which we say "nobody's perfect". We're sure that after two divorces, the name Earl Capps would top the list of "last person to set your sister or mother up with a date" - and for good reason. But we wouldn't take it personally.

11 Response to "FITS gets de-listed, and so did we"

  1. mg 19/2/09 16:13
    we know what he did but what is the real reason
  2. Anonymous 19/2/09 16:16
    Earl, we've got three sisters - two of them are sharp, hard-working and good-looking. The other has plenty of issus and can't get a date, so we'll send you her number.

    If you don't like her, give her Sewell's number.
  3. Anonymous 19/2/09 17:34
    Jeffrey's de-listing you made your stock rise with me, my tasseled friend!

  4. Earl Capps 19/2/09 17:37
    Glad I could make your day. Does that mean you'll pick up my bar tab one weekend?
  5. Anonymous 19/2/09 18:34
    I still only have $5.64, Earl. That is my publicized financial statement to the world. The I.R.S. has this figure in their heads by now. I am CERTAIN of it.

    But...things could change -- and we'd be on!

  6. Mike Reino 19/2/09 18:59
    Earl, I don't know what to tell you.. My posts are NEVER listed on SC Hotline, and I'm pretty sure that FITS out-posts me, yet I've survived the cutbacks..

    Granted, I've never had a personal beef with Jeff. Honestly, I think your blog has more to offer political observers than mine, and you should be put back. Quality over quantity, right?
  7. west_rhino 19/2/09 19:36
    Is SCHotline still up? Hmm, thought Jeffie was too busy dropping the oh looky here, I scooped everybody spam in this RHINO's inbox.

    Maybe we're sucking up for Pelosi's alien and sedition act and the extension of the fairness doctrine to the web.
  8. wesley Donehue 19/2/09 20:48
    Earl - He's removed PNN and my personal blog.

    Oh well. Come on over to PNN - We link all good political blog posts.
  9. Edisto Eddie 20/2/09 08:14
    Since I often use Hotline as my gateway to Will and Earl, and others, this new Hotline policy means I will create direct links to them. Just as I have to others, such as Seeding Spartanburg, which had not been linked to Hotline. By bypassing Hotline to reach a blog, will this not lower Hotline's count? I wish all the de-listed blogs would make a pact to provide links to all active blogs -- except for those that have no posts younger than, say, six weeks old.

    Throw in the active main stream media links and share something like Wesley's daily posts, and any reason for Hotline to exist will begin to wither.

    It's about new media, ability to reach new ideas, to know what is being said in public discourse.

    I think everyblog should add or link to a news aggregator, and add or link to every viable blog. That was Jeffrey's advantage.

    thanks back to lurking on Edisto
  10. Anonymous 20/2/09 11:53
    Since Sewell is going around telling everyone he's working for Karen Floyd, it seems a little bit of a conflict of interest for him to be running Hotline, especially since it's becoming so Pro Floyd.

    He's also removing blogs that are run by those who may be connected with her opponents. I know he's told people you're backing Hall. I don't know if you are, but he seems certain of it.
  11. Anonymous 20/2/09 12:32
    Being associated with you is a dumb move, if you ask us.

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