On social networking "friends"

A while back I was turned on to Meryl Runion's "Speak Strong" email newsletter, which discusses "power phrases" - words and phrases which can help motivate, connect and inspire others, as well as "poison phrases" - words and phrases which can turn people off or create hurt feelings, often unintentionally.

This week's email makes an interesting point about how social networking sites have transformed the meaning of the word "friends":

When I accept requests on a social networking site, often from people I don't know, they tell me,

- Congratulations. You have three new friends.

Really? Will they check on me when I'm going through challenges, celebrate my wins with me and share their deepest secrets?

Social networking "friends" cheapen the word, and sugest that all there is to friendship is to agree to be in each other's network.

4 Response to "On social networking "friends""

  1. Anonymous 20/2/09 12:31
    I didn't know you had any friends in the off-line world?
  2. Anonymous 20/2/09 16:50
    12:31, You are a putz. Look it up.

  3. Anonymous 20/2/09 17:16
    Oh...I guess I take that back 12:31.

    It was not nice.

    True -- maybe -- but not nice.


  4. Earl Capps 20/2/09 17:44
    Gee, Mab, thanks for sticking up for me there.

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