RINO Millwood is right (this time)

Spartanburg County politics seems fertile ground for petty pissing matches that really amount to nothing. The feuding amongst Spartanburg County legislative delegation members is just the latest chapter in that county's ongoing drama.

Given the number of freshman legislators on the delegation, some turnover should have been expected, but it was surprising that freshman House member Joey Millwood became chair of the county's legislative delegation. To reach this office, Millwood worked with the county's Democratic Senator, Glenn Reese, a regular GOP target, to orchestrate the takeover of the delgation by four of it's eleven members.

The point of contention is the use of weighted voting to elect delegation officers. Since weighted voting is required to be used for some matters, it would make sense to use the same method of voting in all matters. But as is the norm in Spartanburg County politics, change is never without lots of fighting and controversy:

The rift has gotten increasingly personal and more complex. Much of the current tension has centered around appointments to area boards and commissions. Sanford’s office asked the current legislators to revisit appointments made in August by the previous incarnation of the legislative delegation.

Littlejohn and his allies plan to address those appointments tonight. Millwood’s group — the smaller of the two, but legislatively more powerful based on “weighted” votes that take into account the number of people each official represents — has already sent a list of 16 appointees to Columbia.

Friday, Sanford seated eight of those and spokesman Joel Sawyer said the other eight are pending.

- Spartanburg Herald-Journal

Not that we're opposed to bipartisanship, but the last time we looked, many in Millwood's crowd are fond of calling Republicans who work with Democrats RINOs. So while Millwood is the rightful winner of the crown on the Spartanburg delegation, in winning it, he has also rightfully earned RINO status.

Millwood, a political novice, may have been right, but we think a power play where one-third of the members use the rules to run over the other two-thirds is going to leave a sour taste in some people's mouths. We're sure those who got railroaded are - in the best Spartanburg political tradition - already plotting payback.

Payback, while it is often petty, is a bitch. Mr. Millwood will probably find it delivered when he leasts expects it. Until that time comes, we hope Representative Millwood enjoys his chairmanship and his newly-minted RINO status. He's worked hard to earn them both.

7 Response to "RINO Millwood is right (this time)"

  1. Bob Walker 11/2/09 02:04
  2. Speaker's Mafia 11/2/09 06:06
    This young rino will be kept in line. I can not understand why he keeps worrying the Speaker with the plight of greyhound dogs. Do we have any such dogs in South Carolina? The Speaker has tried his best to show respect to this Democrat, I mean RINO, dog lover from Spartanburg.

    The Speaker's patience is running out. Wise up dog lovig RINO. Get in line and show respect to the man, and quit worrying about some dog.
  3. Anonymous 11/2/09 11:08
    Takes one to know one, as they say.
  4. Earl Capps 11/2/09 11:10
    Maybe so, but in that case, wouldn't "asshole", "jerk" or "rotten no-good SOB" be more appropriate?
  5. Anonymous 11/2/09 16:17
    If weighted voting is to be the rule, then why is it necessary to elect 13 legislators in Spartanburg County? The gang of 4 have effectively sought to disenfranshise me since they claim my House member’s vote doesn’t count. State law or not (and I’ve yet to see the state code cited) disenfranchisement of the rest of the voters in Spartanburg County should trouble us all.
    -Shanks Evans
  6. Richard 11/2/09 19:57
    Earl--I like how you have taken the whole "RINO" concept and turned it on Millwood. Most of the folk who throw the RINO criticism around would probably not use it on Millwood who is essentially aligned with Sanford. As for the delegation battle in my home county, it is not really an issue of party. Millwood and Senator Lee Bright were elected as part of this Sanford/SCRG/Howie Rich crowd in 2008, both beating incumbants. The other Republican Senator from Spartanburg, Shane Martin, is not as much aligned with that crowd as Millwood and Bright but is still interested in "shaking things up" in Columbia and "challenging the good ol' boy system." This is part of these guys political personas. The reasons Glenn Reese is involved with them: 1. It gives increased voting power to the Senators and
    2. As one of only two Democrats in the county delegation, Reese has proven to be invincible by the local GOP and has been sort of a free agent who does what he wants politically. It's why he can side with the pro-Sanford Millwood and Bright when Reese himself hates Sanford. Also Reese is rivals with new Rep. Steve Parker, who tried to take down Reese in 2004 and failed. Parker is aligned with the rest of the House members wh do not want weighted voting.
  7. Sewell 13/2/09 07:23
    Earl, I have taken the liberty of getting a job application for Riverbank Zoo for you. As much as you love RINOS you should be qualified for employment there.

    Since you don't have a real job right now, you should be alright with this one.

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