Beaver Management?

According to Carolina Politics Online, John McCain is fighting beaver management efforts in North Carolina:

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has been getting some blowback from criticizing the use of $650,000 in Federal tax dollars to pay for beaver management in Mississippi and North Carolina and it has beaver seekers in an uproar, including Congressman David Price (D-NC-4).

We're wondering if Bryan Cox or Ashley Landess at the Policy Council have a position on this kind of pork spending.

3 Response to "Beaver Management?"

  1. Anonymous 10/3/09 01:18
    hey beavis, he said cox. hehe ... hehe
  2. Captain James T. Kirk 10/3/09 01:45
    I can teach beaver management after..all, with ...price..line. Just check..out how I managed beav..ers on Star Trek.
  3. west_rhino 11/3/09 15:07
    I'll guess exit 40 in NC will suffer, nevermind proposals for a Texas Pole dance tax or a NY state strip club tax... Mike's trophy club exploits may carry ahigher price

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