Callanan, Clark, and Schuster - Integrity, Hard Work, and Positive Leadership for the Berkeley GOP

In recent years, Berkeley County GOP politics has become nasty, deceptive and outright abusive. Much of it has been at the hands of the current leadership who has engaged in campaigns of character assasination and intimidation while avoiding conducting audit of their accounts. The current Chair had a recent DUI arrest, and a recent Chair resigned following reports of missing funds and news of over two dozen personal bad check warrants.

Some of the current Chair's shameless tactics and stunts have been well covered in the Blogland.

It is important to remember that the GOP congressional majority was toppled largely because voters got sick of the sleaze and underhandedness. Likewise, the current leadership in Berkeley County threatens to hand opportunities to Democrats. Republicans who want a party that can truly lead by example would be wise to elect the following three candidates at their county convention:

Tim Callanan, Chair: This County Council member from Daniel Island has been a proven fiscal conservative on Council and a fresh voice of sanity and respect in local politics. His fresh perspective will make him an excellent Chair.

Cindy Clark, 1st Vice-Chair: Cindy has been a Republican leader from the trenches. She's got a rock-solid work ethic and has been fair to all. She can build teams and do the late work necessary to help win elections.

Charles Schuster, 2nd Vice-Chair: Charles has been a loyal Republican for decades and has led the county's GOP Breakfast club ably and ethically. After becoming the target of false character attacks and deception by the current Chair, electing him would help thank him for what he's done, as well as what he's endured.

These three are well-known for being principled, hard-working, and thoughtful, while staying above the fray of the nasty infighting of Berkeley County politics. As such, they are well-positioned to move the Berkeley County GOP beyond the current quagmire of factional feuding. It is refreshing to see them having the willingness to chart a new course, and it's a direction which has been long overdue.

Blogland readers in Berkeley County who want change, reform, and leadership with integrity need to vote for these three candidates.

5 Response to "Callanan, Clark, and Schuster - Integrity, Hard Work, and Positive Leadership for the Berkeley GOP"

  1. west_rhino 24/3/09 09:23
    Concur with endorsement of Charlie Schuster. Charlie has worked across county lines supporting many activities often bearing the banner of Berkeley County's party solo (or with his Mom in tow) across the low country. Charlie IS part of the bedrock on which county parties ought to be built and a humble leader that sets an example.

    PS Were he willing, I feel that Charlie would be a fine state executive committeeman, yet he's elected to offer for second vice chair.
  2. Anonymous 24/3/09 10:19
    A lot of us are sick and tired of the so-called "Christian" leadership by the drunk, the check bouncer, and the racist coalition organizer. I CANNOT WAIT TO GO TO THE CONVENTION TO THROW THOSE BUMS OUT!!! THANK YOU EARL!!!!
  3. Anonymous 24/3/09 11:03
    Wade - we're coming for you. Your time is up.
  4. Mab 24/3/09 19:53

    Just FYI -- the Lie-decker's BNN influence polls yesterday are suspect.

    Who decides these things?

    Nobody asked me!
  5. mg 26/3/09 16:32
    Berkeley certainly needs some changes and maybe this is it.

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