The Capps GOP Agenda: Mail Anthrax to Republican households

As part of his effort to inject hard rock influences into the often bland and easy-listening ranks of the GOP, reports have surfaced that Earl Capps, blogger and prospective candidate for SCGOP chair, is planning to mail Anthrax to leading GOP activists.

Before Governor Sanford sends SLED to kick his ass into next week, it is important to point out to Blogland readers that references to Anthrax are referring to ANTHRAX THE HEAVY MOSHIN' THRASHIN' METAL BAND.

His explanation for this plan was simple:

Since I bought my Zune player before the holidays, I've copied a lot of my collection to digital format and backed up those files as well. I've got quite a few CDs that I don't need anymore, so I thought I could share some Anthrax with fellow Republicans who really need to get infected with this stuff. But I'm willing to bet if I sent some to the Governor's office, they really wouldn't get the joke - especially after someone sent him fake anthrax not too long ago.

My advice to anyone who may have gotten fake Anthrax - accept no substitutes. Only real Anthrax will do.

This announcement to start mailing out Anthrax took some observers by surprise, even for those who have become used to Capps' irreverent and possibly pyschotic ways:

I'm not sure what he's getting at by sending out Anthrax. Personally I think he needs to be sending out Black Sabbath CDs, starting with my house.

- Mike Reino, Blogger at SC6

This is exactly what the GOP needs. I'm sure under Earl's leadership, it won't be long before the SCGOP is the first political organization with its own "Behind the Music" episode.

- Brian McCarty, Blogger at Voting under the Influence

What the hell is this Anthrax, and why don't we just send SLED to his house to kick his brains in?

- Overheard coming out of the Governor's office, sources unknown

3 Response to "The Capps GOP Agenda: Mail Anthrax to Republican households"

  1. Anonymous 2/3/09 08:51
    cannot confirm tacit approval of Jenny Sanford on the grounds that Capps may send Anthrax to state house and senate leaders...
  2. Captain James T. Kirk 2/3/09 09:14
    You will force me to use warp drive on your sorry ass.
  3. Mike Reino 2/3/09 18:39
    Earl, be sure to skip mailing any Anthrax to my house or office - I still have my copy of 'Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real', and I'm STILL too scared to open it !

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