Come talk to college students at CofC

Yours truly is busy teaching some evenings at the College of Charleston. This semester and in the fall, I'll be teaching Public Speaking courses, and for the Spring '10 semester, I'm working on developing a course in politics and new media.

An important part of the teaching experience is to get beyond the theory of things and present real-world examples and the insights of those who actually do things. To help do this, I've extended an invitiation to those who have professional insights to come talk with my classes and share some relevant thoughts.

This semester, a regional sales manager for Honda and a circuit court judge have graciously agreed to talk with my students. They've shared insights about how to be a good speaker and the importance of developing one's speaking skills, as well as some valuable career advice.

While it's not as prestigious as talking to the way cool bunch at Dutch Fork High School, it's still a great chance to share some real-world experience to help give these students a little more enriching experience. If you're interested in coming to talk to my classes, drop me an email and let me know. So long as you keep your discussion germane to the class, I'd greatly appreciate having the help!

The Blogland will not comment as to if this video represents actual conditions in my class:

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