Divided GOP ranks give tax-and-spenders a win in the State Senate

We've heard from a number of fiscal conservatives from around the state about the goings-on in the Senate about the efforts to establish a new board which would review state tax policies and recommend changes. Along with the Policy Council, they're not happy about a losing effort by Senator Bryant, who put forth an amendment which would have prevented the commission from recommending tax increases.

In this effort, which failed in a 20-19 vote Sixteen Democrats were joined by four Republicans in blocking Bryant's amendment, while eighteen Republicans were joined by one Democrat in supporting Bryant.
An "Aye" vote was to kill Bryant's amendment, a "Nay" vote was to support it:

AYES: Alexander Cleary Coleman Cromer Ford Hutto Jackson Land Leatherman Leventis Lourie Malloy McGill Nicholson O'Dell Reese Scott Setzler Sheheen Williams

NAYS: Bright Bryant Campbell Courson Davis Elliott Fair Knotts S. Martin L. Martin Massey McConnell Mulvaney Peeler Rankin Ryberg Shoopman Thomas Verdin

A concern which has been addressed to us is that they believed that any one of the four GOP Senators who were absent when this vote was held - Chip Campsen, Larry Grooms, Wes Hayes, or Mike Rose - been there, the vote would have been tied, giving Lt. Governor Andre Bauer the chance to cast a tie-breaking vote. Bauer is well-known for casting votes against tax increases.

Had any two of them been there, Bryant's effort would have succeeded outright.

We hope the four absent GOP Senators had a good reason for missing this vote, because the people we talked with sounded awful pissed about it.

7 Response to "Divided GOP ranks give tax-and-spenders a win in the State Senate"

  1. Anonymous 1/3/09 19:47
    My understanding is that Sen Campsen's father is critically ill, and he felt the need to be with family last week. I believe that Sen Rose was in Washington looking for Obama stimulus funds. I have not heard about the other two.
  2. Captain James T. Kirk 2/3/09 01:07
    I thought Jakie Knotts was a RINO. Hmmmm. If even a RINO can vote for not raising taxes, where the hell were the other four senators?
  3. Anonymous 2/3/09 20:17
    Sen. Wes Hayes was attending the funeral of Rep. Herb Kirsch's wife, Sue. They are both long-serving members of the York County delegation.
  4. Captain James T. Kirk 3/3/09 07:56
    So, it comes down to Mike Rose, the SCRG's poster boy. I will give Hayes and Campsen a pass for missing the vote. But, Rose, missing a vote to deny tax increases because he was out getting big government money? Wow. I thought those SCRG guys were supposed to be conservatives. Looks like I better get the Enterprise to go to battle stations on them.
  5. Consider 3/3/09 11:15
    I completely disagreed with the amendment, not because I am in favor of increasing taxes more so than anyone else...but why even have a committee look into something if you are going to vote before hand on what the recommendations will or will not be.

    There is a an appropriate time to raise taxes, there is an appropriate time to lower taxes - the purpose of this committe was going to be an attempt to figure out which (if either) this situation calls for. I think saying bar none someone would never vote for a tax increase on anything is about as thoughtless, useless, and devoid of rational reasoning as a person who says they will never vote to cut taxes ever for any reason.

    We may disagree with the findings of such a task force once the come out, but lets debate that once information is gathered - why tie their hands and dictate and outcome before the first meeting even takes place?
  6. Republican Swamp Fox 3/3/09 21:03
    Rose was in DC at the request of the Gov. and other memebers of the SCGOP.
  7. Not Swampy, Not Foxy 4/3/09 00:13
    Swamp, as much as Sanford was opposed to the Obama money, you're going to have us believe that he really wanted it, and of all the people he could have called upon to help steer money our way, Mike Rose was eminently qualified to get it?

    Yeah, right. Man, how far up Rose's ass is your head?

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