DSS failures show RINO Sanford hypocrisy

Children have died in homes where parents were abusing drugs because the agency that is supposed to protect the state’s most vulnerable residents failed them, outraged child-safety advocates say.

At least five children have died and others are in danger unless the Department of Social Services removes children more quickly from homes where parents have drug abuse problems, according to the state’s Child Fatalities Review Committee. Caseworkers also must assure homes are safe before returning children to them, the committee said.

DSS has not acted on years of committee recommendations to change what the panel views as drug tolerance by agency leaders and decisions by caseworkers that put more children at risk.

Sanford talks a big game about the importance of increased gubernatoral oversight of state government, but his record in addressing the problems at SC DSS seem to suggest giving him increased powers would be a direct threat to the lives of South Carolinians. Unfortunately, it's not just DSS that is a problem. Corrections has long struggled with low pay and short staffing, and the Highway Patrol is not in much better shape.

While all three agencies play significant roles in protecting South Carolinians and should be the first concern of any Governor, Governor Sanford seems indifferent about them. Is he that indifferent to the safety and well-being of the people of South Carolina?

The pursuit of politics over competent management is more evidence that Sanford is a RINO of the highest degree - one who seeks to use politics to advance his personal ambitions. Unlike true conservatives who embrace the belief in the value of personal responsibility, RINO Sanford takes no responsibility for his actions, or the lack thereof, with regard to state government while he uses the GOP as a set of stepping stones. Instead, he goes after other parts of state government with a degree of hypocrisy seldom seen since the televangelists of the 80s.

Republicans should be appalled and demand that RINO Sanford clean up his own governmental house before he seeks to tackle the long-overdue mission of reforming the rest of state government.

If Sanford wants to run for President, he may want to stop throwing stones while standing in a glass house.

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  1. Politics Stinks! 29/3/09 18:00
    I hereby withdraw my adulation, as you are sorely misguided on the definition of a RINO.
  2. Anonymous 29/3/09 19:50
    PStinks - I would agree with your thoughts about politics. But you should be just as disgusted by the kind waged by RINO Sanford, who is all about "Do As I Say, Not As I Do".

    Earl, you've taken aim at the Speaker AND the Governor. We could find better Republicans, or even Democrats, to fill those offices.
  3. Earl Capps 29/3/09 21:34
    Stinks, I'm sorry, but if you've been to my blog long enough, you should know that I call it like I see it, without favors or agendas. If you appreciated my blog because you perceived I was Pro-Sanford, then you should have been paying closer attention.

    There are higher principles to which all Republicans should be committed to, but since Sanford and his camp is all about judging and telling us all about how bad everyone else is, then I'm only playing the game by their rules.

    I'm not Pro-Anyone here. If you can't respect that kind of independence, then that's too bad. I'm not about to change that for you or anyone.
  4. Cumberland 29/3/09 21:34
    The Gov is a great leader he certainly is no RINO and you better leave the Speaker out of this 19:50 or the Speakers Mafia may have to get involved
  5. Calhoun Fawls 30/3/09 04:56
    Earl I believe you are absolutely right on your definition of RINO. I can not imagine the founding fathers of our modern party, Carroll Campbell and Strom Thurmond, virtually ignoring the DSS mess.

    Why Sanford has not asked the director to resign is beyond me.

    I guess he does not care. Howard Rich did not pay him to. Sanford is a narrow minded man, doing his master's bidding. Barrett is his clone.
  6. west_rhino 30/3/09 09:30
    Earl, short of gutting the system and starting over, remedying the cancerous culture of DSS and the family courts will take a while, cause that malignancy didn't arise overnight. RHINOs have a thick skin, RINOs whine and need some brie and gouda to match it.
  7. Anonymous 30/3/09 20:17
    What is SO interesting is that Sanford and his cronies are INDEED RINOs! They are total libertarians, who have captured the SC Republican Party, along with the SC Policy Council, which is SUPPOSED to be for free-market principles. It is so ironic, so pot calling the kettle black, when Sanford and his cronies attack people for being RINOs.
  8. MG 31/3/09 15:08
    Sanford will be President one day.
  9. Anonymous 1/4/09 00:10
    Yeah Sanford will be President one day...someone will always be stupid enough to make a guy like him President of their Think Tank or Policy Group after his failed attempt at National office.

    The last title that Mark Sanford will ever hold is Governor.

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