Human scum on the web

For a little weekend socio-cultural commentary, we would like to share with our readers the MySpace page of one Marvin Allen Rutledge of North Charleston.

Mr. Rutledge and two others are in Charleston County Jail this weekend, having murdered Orlando Benitez, shooting him in front of his five-year old daughter while he was playing with her, and then going through his pockets while Benitez he was dying, his daughter watching the entire thing.

We feel comfortable in asserting this sack of crap is the killer, since he reportedly gave a statement admitting to the robbery and murder.

One of the other two had Benitez' wallet and the third one was on "high supervision" probation after being convicted of armed robbery back in November. We suspect "high supervision" means he's free to get high and commit more violent crimes, as long as he checks in with his probation officer every few weeks.

According to his MySpace page, "Little Marvlo" was busy "Get'n Ryte" the last time he updated his website. Right now, we're sure he's more concerned about Get'n Arraigned or maybe tonight Get'n Raped.

His life may have been about "Money", according to his MySpace page, but someone who lives in a trailer park and had to commit murder to get some probably wasn't very good at getting any.

What's even more pathetic is the 17-year old girl who helped carry on Mr. Rutledge's genes, as identified by her MySpace page:



We're not sure what she's saying, but the only "shit" we see in this whole sad story is Mr. Rutledge. Well maybe her taste in men - or rather boys - is about the same. Some of the commentary in her website is among the most ignorant and illiterate we've ever seen - proof that computers have become so user-friendly that even someone with a third-grade mentality can figure out how to use them.

Somehow, it's not going to surprise us if this is another example of our tax dollars at work.

7 Response to "Human scum on the web"

  1. Captain James T. Kirk 7/3/09 06:50
    Earl, do not be so harsh on the young woman. For she probably has not had the chance to meet a starship captain like me who could command not only his ship, but audiences with his singing. She's my kind of girl and only if she had met me.
  2. working mom 7/3/09 07:50
    the scum network should include you and what you did to bill mcabee. you should be ashamed.
  3. mg 7/3/09 09:32
    If not the tax payer will pay now
  4. Earl Capps 7/3/09 10:21
    Working mom, I worked with Bill McAbee on his 2004 & 2006 campaigns. What he did on Council was not my doing, nor did I have anything to do with his failed re-election bid in 2008.

    That's all I have to say about it.

    The only one who could do Bill in was the person he sees in the mirror every day. If you think I did something from 180 miles away ... well, keep thinking that, or better yet, prove it.
  5. Anonymous 7/3/09 12:48
    makes you rethink planned parenthood
  6. Anonymous 7/3/09 18:29
    Sad indeed!
  7. Anonymous 8/3/09 21:17
    I prefer not to think of what the competent and malicious could do with them... ahh yes they did trash the west wing the night before the Bush team came in in '01

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