James Island High School, Class of 89 reunion event

Those of you who know me know that I didn't finish high school twenty years ago. For a lot of reasons which don't need to be rehashed here - or anywhere else - I didn't finish high school, instead opting for the sometimes-painful "long road" of a GED and college as a non-traditional student.

If I had done stayed in school (which I wish I would have done), I would have graduated with James Island High School's Class of 1989. While I'm not sure I'd be remembered - or liked - by many, I had at least a few friends among this bunch back in the day, and I hope they all have a good time at the event.

As a lot of Blogland readers are in, or from, the Lowcountry, if you are one of these people, or know someone who might be, have them visit the 20th reunion website:


If this is of interest to you or someone you know, then mark the calendar for their upcoming reunion event:

DATE: Saturday, July 11, 2009
Place: Sheraton Hotel North Charleston Convention Center,
4770 Goer Drive, Charleston, SC 29406
Time: 6-11 PM (6-7 PM Check-in & cocktail hour
7-7:15 Short program, 7:15-8 PM Dinner then dancing
Dress: Casual Cocktail

... it's almost enough to justify a trip down to James Island to check out my old locker:

Yeah ... welllllll ... don't ask. There were a lot of reasons I didn't finish high school and leave it at that.

5 Response to "James Island High School, Class of 89 reunion event"

  1. mg 5/4/09 12:04
    you done good
  2. Fiona Picklebottom 7/4/09 19:15
    You know, several people who went to school with us but didn't graduate with us are going (a couple that went elsewhere for their senior year that I am aware of). I think you just need to follow the instructions on the jihs89 website and Sallie will add your name to the list (basically all you have to do is email her and ask her to). As for liking you, I would hope that all the high school bullshit is behind us and that no one would still be basing their feelings about someone on events and feelings from 20 years ago.
  3. Earl Capps 7/4/09 19:24
    Life's too short to worry about that crap, you're absolutely right. We all had things to get through in those days - some of us more than others.

    In any event, I survived, moved forward, and I don't hold the least grudge against anyone. It would be nice to see some of them and see how they turned out. Hopefully they're doing well with their lives, even if few of us had our lives turn out the way we'd planned and/or hoped.

    But I still, as you can tell, listen to the same music as back then. No apologies for that :)

    I'll think it over. It won't hurt to be told no and to kiss off.
  4. Fiona Picklebottom 9/4/09 15:39
    Do think it over. I don't think you'll be told no. I'll say hi if I'm there (here I am pushing you, and I may not be going myself). Actually not pushing you, but just saying to disregard anything from back then, as it should be irrelevant today.
  5. Earl Capps 9/4/09 16:22
    Ok, I went ahead and contacted them. We'll see what happens.

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