Judicial candidate manners

Occasionally I check in at SCTweets.com. The other day, I saw a tweet from Rep. Anton Gunn that struck a chord:

Walking from the Blatt Bldg to State House Above Ground to avoid Judge Candidates

For those outsiders who don't know, the underground entrance from the State House garage often becomes a sort-of gauntlet where legislators are pestered by those seeking various offices which are elected by the General Assembly. It seems to be at its worst when there are judicial seats up for election, which brings up a point which has long been a personal pet peeve:

Many judicial candidates have bad manners.

At the annual AGC legislative reception, a number of judicial candidates dropped in on the event uninvited, as they do at many such events whenever there's a pending judicial election. They typically wander through the events, scanning to pick out legislators, and tend to completely ignore those in attendance whose organization has organized and sponsored the event which they are free-loading at.

Having worked with several judicial "campaigns", I know judicial candidates are scrambling to cover 2 or 3 events an evening in pursuit of votes. But it never hurts to show a little respect for those whose hospitality has allowed you the opportunity to seek votes. These events are sponsored by organizations who want their members to learn about how state government works, and a judicial candidate can show a little respect and appreciation by taking a few minutes to talk with them about the state's judiciary.

In this last round, kudos are due to Judge-elect Deborah Durden and former candidates Maite Murphy and Sarah Whetmore, who took plenty of time to talk with non-legislators at these kinds of events. The many others who weren't so nice won't be named - THIS TIME - but be warned that in the future, the Blogland might not be so gracious.

If you can't respect those who are picking up the tab to help you get elected, what kind of respect will you show the Joe Q. Publics of the world should you be seated as a judge?

Just something to think about if you or someone you know is seeking a judgeship.

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