Justice League shake-up putting Robin in spotlight

In Berkeley County, where many things aren't what they seem, reports are that Robin, the Boy Wonder of Justice, has been sighted working alongside Wonder Woman in tackling the world of crime. According to one source:

We're not sure why Robin isn't working for Batman these days, but we're certainly glad he's working with Wonder Woman. We hear great things about how they're getting along.

- Superman

Other sources reported a Blogland staffer was recently seen leaving the back of the Dorchester County courthouse and driving away at a high rate of speed. It was uncertain if he was being pursued by Wonder Woman and Robin, or if that was his normal manner of driving.

Wonder Woman and Robin were later sighted in a Berkeley County BBQ restaurant, having cornered the staffer. Reportedly he was begging for mercy, promising never to do whatever he was doing again.

But we caution you these reports have yet to be confirmed. When contacted for comments by phone, the staffer whispered a short and panicked message:

I used to worry enough about Wonder Woman, but that Robin dude ... no way man, I'm not saying a thing until I speak with my lawyer.

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