Kirk and Spock - Double barrelled torment

It's Shaturday again ... and we think it's not enough to give you Shatner. We're gonna give you him AND Leonard Nimoy singing.

If you can't take it anymore, blame Mike Reino. He made us do it.

6 Response to "Kirk and Spock - Double barrelled torment"

  1. mg 28/3/09 12:04
    Damn not again
  2. Mike Reino 28/3/09 13:46
    I SUBMIT, I SUBMIT !!!!! Please make it stop - I'm tapping out !
  3. Earl Capps 28/3/09 22:23
    Yes Mike, bow and submit to your master.
  4. R. Brian McCarty 29/3/09 01:30
    Well, I will get back that four minutes or so my life.
  5. Anonymous 30/3/09 09:34
    No wonder Sewell banished you from his roll...
  6. Earl Capps 30/3/09 09:43
    I guess he couldn't take a joke, or at least you can't.

    Since you don't seem to like this blog very much, why don't you just head on down the road? I've got more readers than when I was linked to Hotlie, so I really don't mind

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