LaDonna Ryggs - A Republican Leader for Spartanburg County

The candidacy of current Spartanburg County GOP Chair Rick Beltram has opened speculation as to who will succeed him. Long-time Republican activist and current State Executive Committee member LaDonna Ryggs - a big Blogland fan - has announced her intent to seek this office.

LaDonna Ryggs is the kind of committed Republican worker who has earned an opportunity to serve in this office, and the Blogland endorses her candidacy.

While the rules allow Rick Beltram, the current SpGOP Chair, to seek re-election, as well as run for the state GOP Chairmanship, we believe his candidacy for state Chair should be his sole responsibility. Electing LaDonna Ryggs would ensure a smooth succession with a well-qualified candidate - and allow Beltram to focus his full energies on his state chairman's bid.

Her extensive record of service to Republicans and party organizations around the state is one of the most exemplary we've ever seen. She has campaigned tirelessly around the state for years and helped build the state Federation of Republican Women into a strong network we affectionately refer to as "The South Carolina Mafia". Under her leadership, this organization has worked to seat its own in various appointed and elected offices around the state, as well as sending many to the recent national convention.

LaDonna's proven leadership abilities offer great opportunities for Spartanburg County Republicans, which is why she is best-suited to succeed Rick Beltram. Spartanburg Republicans should elect her to this post.
... however, it is important to note this is not intended to reflect upon Beltram's state candidacy as the Blogland intends to offer no endorsement in this race. Blogland readers are urged to get off their duffs and attend the many events at which state chair candidates, both collectively and individually, are present and get the information necessary to make up their own minds.

2 Response to "LaDonna Ryggs - A Republican Leader for Spartanburg County"

  1. Moye 26/3/09 16:31
    Spartanburg is blessed to have so many good GOP members and leaders. She certainly would make a good Chair. Also Spartanburg has a good Chair. I do believe that the SCGOP will have a good Chair after the election. I believe the SCGOP has a good Chair now. See where I am going with this. I did enjoy the RNC and LaDonna certainly was active in Minneapolis.
  2. Anonymous 27/3/09 11:45

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