Lowcountry GOP Breakfast Club - This Saturday in Summerville

WHEN: Saturday, March 14th at 9:00 a.m.
WHERE: Kelly’s BBQ restaurant, US 78, Summervile
CONTACT: Ron Turner, Chairman (843) 814-1805 or email

The March meeting, to be held next Saturday (March 14) at 9am, at Kelly’s BBQ on US 78 in Ladson, will feature Dean Allen of ROAR (Restore our American Republic). Allen will discuss the current state of the Republican Party and challenge attendees to hold the GOP accountable for being true to its conservative principles.

For the last seven years, this organization has featured monthly meetings every second Saturday which have featured candidates, policy experts and grass-roots Republican party activists who have promoted candidacies and discussed current issues. Combined with an “open forum” question-and-answer session, the general public has been able to learn about important issues and express their concerns on these issues, as well as grill candidates for public office.

Past speakers have included each of the current GOP statewide office holders, including Governor Sanford, Congressman Henry Brown, Senator Jim DeMint, as well as many regional legislators and representatives from grassroots and policy advocacy organizations such as Gun Owners of America, Fair Tax, and the South Carolina Policy Council.

Breakfast is served for $6.50 per attendee, and the general public is cordially invited to attend, regardless of political affiliation.

3 Response to "Lowcountry GOP Breakfast Club - This Saturday in Summerville"

  1. Anonymous 12/3/09 10:03
    guessing Jeff couldn't buy off the leadership and make this a Floyd fete... from past posts, I suspect she's steer away from a co-opted event like that
  2. Mike Reino 12/3/09 19:11
    Hey, what are you doing promoting Conservative groups, you Neo-Conservative, RINO Hypocrite ??!!
  3. Anonymous 12/3/09 23:02
    Earl, can they really afford to buy you off?

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