Millwood challengers lining up early?

Fins to the left ... fins to the right ... it works great if you're a Parrothead, but if your name is Joey Millwood, it might be bad news indeed.

Just months after taking office, the fins of sharks appear to be to the left, right, and all around Millwood. Since his surprise win over House Education and Public Works Chair Bob Walker in last year's GOP primary, he has had a tough time convincing fellow Republicans to support him. In the fall, disgruntled Walker supporters fielded a write-in challenge, while others supported his Democratic opponent. Playing a key role in the now-rebuffed coup of the Spartanburg County delegation helped further drive a wedge between him and those who didn't support him last year.

According to those we've spoken with, two names have already surfaced as potential challengers to Millwood: former Landrum Mayor Doug Brannon and Rosemary Byerly, a long-time GOP activist and former Spartanburg GOP Chair. Those we've talked with seem to believe either candidate would make a credible opponent. Even more threatening for Millwood's re-election prospects is that it was also believed that these two would work together, possibly agreeing to back a single candidate for the seat.

With these two out there already, it's hard to imagine there won't be more people looking at the race. Especially since Millwood's actions continue to give credence to the claims of his detractors.

While there are plenty of legislators who have arrived in Columbia to an unfriendly welcome, often due to upsetting well-liked legislators, it is unusual to see in-district opposition coming together so quickly. This suggests that Millwood faces a difficult, and possibily short, tenure in the House - and that he is becoming his own worst enemy.

5 Response to "Millwood challengers lining up early?"

  1. MillwoodFan 27/3/09 11:07
    What have you got against Millwood? He's a pretty smart guy and I know he'll be speaker of the house one day.
  2. Working Mom 27/3/09 12:41
    Well, well well, Mr. Capps. Leave it to you to tear down a young Repubican leader. Who are you to detetmine who is Republican and who is not? Like your cohort Brian McCarty you just keep tearing people down. You both have justice coming. My six children do not need grow up in a world where people like you and your cohort have voices that tear others down.
  3. Colonel Frank Slade 27/3/09 17:54
    Nobody likes this guy. A) He's an idiot. The only person dumber than Joey Millwood in Columbia is Lee Bright... maybe Kevin Bryant. B) He voted against the bailout before he voted for it. C) He can't think for himself, taking his marching orders from the Governor... the list goes on.

    Joey Millwood has been tagged by most in Columbia as a "one-termer", needless to say, best of luck to anyone running against this jerk.
  4. Anonymous 27/3/09 20:13
    Please be careful.
    Millwood is one of Rygg's biggest supporters.
  5. tammy 31/3/09 14:57
    Yes they are Earl. Another name I've heard is considering a run is Dr. Littlefield (Dist. 1 superintendent).

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