Millwood eats crow for dinner

Recently, we warned of the potential risks of Joey Millwood playing in the grownup pool of Spartanburg politics:

Millwood, a political novice, may have been right, but we think a power play where one-third of the members use the rules to run over the other two-thirds is going to leave a sour taste in some people's mouths. We're sure those who got railroaded are - in the best Spartanburg political tradition - already plotting payback.

Payback, while it is often petty, is a bitch. Mr. Millwood will probably find it delivered when he leasts expects it. Until that time comes, we hope Representative Millwood enjoys his chairmanship and his newly-minted RINO status. He's worked hard to earn them both.

Well, looks like we might have seen the issue differently than the legal experts and that the definition of a quorum as a majority of weighted votes was invalid. Given this opinion that was issued by the state Attorney General's office, he may be getting his comeuppance sooner than one would expect.

The delegation has been split since its first meeting in November. The disagreement revolves around the election of officers, and each side used a different interpretation of the same court case to support their argument.

McMaster said in his opinion that he “cannot conclude that (the case) has set aside the method of determination of a quorum recognized by the common law and codified in the Freedom of Information Act.”

Perhaps Mr. Millwood should try working with people instead of shoving his political agenda upon them. If not, we figure his tenure as the supposed Chair of the Spartanburg delegation may be rather short.

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  1. Anonymous 18/3/09 11:11
    Will we see the same article written about the Berkeley County Republican Party in the near future with names changed?

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