Moye Graham: A Republican Leader for Clarendon County

Moye Graham is well-known to Blogland regulars, but he's also a well-recognized face in Clarendon County politics. A native of the area, he's been involved with the local Republican Party for many years. Last year, the Blogland endorsed him in his successful bid for a 6th District delegate slot for that year's GOP national convention.

This year, Moye Graham is seeking the chairmanship of the Clarendon County Republican Party. We believe he is the right candidate for the job and endorse his candidacy.

Tides of fortune for Clarendon County Republicans are starting to move in a positive direction. Several statewide GOP candidates have broken the 40% mark in recent years, as retirees have begun moving into developments along Lake Marion, combining their votes with the county's rural conservative voters. In the 2006 elections, most GOP statewide candidates made stops in Clarendon County, many of them more than once, signalling this area could be moving into the contested column.

Given the right kind of leadership, Clarendon County Republicans could help usher in a long-overdue era of competitiveness in a county where most races for public office are uncontested in both the June primaries and November elections. Moye Graham's Clarendon roots and political experience suggest he could be a smart leader who is able to work effectively to organize and lead the local party. Just as importantly, his relationships with Republicans beyond Clarendon County could help bring the resources and talent needed to help Clarendon Republicans become relevant in local politics.

We've made a lot of friends in Clarendon County, and it's become our favorite rural community for a lot of reasons. Many of those are active in the local Republican Party, and we know they tune into the Blogland regularly. We would encourage them to give Moye Graham a well-deserved opportunity to lead their party.

6 Response to "Moye Graham: A Republican Leader for Clarendon County"

  1. west_rhino 18/3/09 10:25
    We can see FITS headline noe, "Capps trading endorsements for support in his bid for state party chair..."
  2. June Brailsford 18/3/09 12:52
    Thanks for the nice write-up Earl. We think Moye, in spite of his world traveling, will make an excellent chairman. We also have a well qualified slate to help him out and lots of new faces. Clarendon County is growing and hopefully, growing more Republican!
  3. Kevin C. 18/3/09 14:26
    I'm a big fan of Clarendon County too. I try to make it to Lake Marion and the Striped Bass Fest at least once a year. I'm a Republican up in Spartanburg and don't know Moye but he seems like a strong leader for the Clarendon GOP. Up here we often hear complaints from our Democrat friends about how bad it is for them living in a Republican dominated county, state, etc.
    Sometimes people on both side don't realize it can be hard for Republicans in SC too when it comes to local politics in places like Clarendon, Calhoun, Hampton, etc. People like Moye and Republicans living in the Democratic counties of this state are the ones who are really "fighting the good fight."
  4. Mike Reino 18/3/09 23:46
    Harrumph !! Moye Graham is THE MAN !!
  5. Moye Graham 21/3/09 12:31
    Thanks man.
  6. Tex 25/3/09 11:51
    I was a RNC Delegate from the Great State of Texas and had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Graham and several of the SC Delegation on the floor of the National Convention. In fact Mr. Graham sent me a picture of myself and your Congressman Inglis on the floor me in my cowboy hat. While I do not know anything about Clarendon County SC. I do believe that by spending a week on the convention floor with him in Minneapolis that he will be an effective Chairman if elected.

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