Race for House District 48 starts early

With the cat out of the bag about Representative Carl Gullick's plans to move to Kentucky, speculation swirls about who will run to fill his seat in a special election which will likely take place this summer or fall.

Our sources have told us that Kyle Boyd, who challenged Gullick last year, has decided not to run for the seat.

Greg Rogers, a Republican from Fort Mill, has begun planning a candidacy for the seat, reportedly with the assistance of Quinn and Associates. According to a number of people we've talked with, Rogers achieved a certain degree of notoriety among York County Republicans for planning a beer bash for the county's Young Republicans chapter. While it turned out later that Rogers' event wasn't sanctioned by the county YR's, the county GOP was left to pick up the tab for the event. One longtime York County Republican activist who discussed this with us referred to him as "Bar Tab Rogers".

Rogers also sided with failed efforts to target a couple of GOP County Council members for primary ousters. Several Republicans we've talked to indicated these issues have hurt his ability to attract support.

Some of that hostility may be driving support to Fort Mill school board member Michael Johnson. Johnson lost a GOP primary bid for the seat in 2004, when former Rep. Becky Richardson retired from the seat, but later won the school board seat. This time around, Johnson is off to a strong start with the support of many in the GOP establishment, including the open support of both Gullick and Kyle Boyd.

After Richardson took the seat for the GOP in 1990, it took the Democrats until 2006 to field even a token candidate for the seat. Democratic prospects for this seat are slim to none, and no reports have surfaced of Democratic plans to contest the seat, so the GOP race is the one to watch for control of this seat.

As Gullick's plans to vacate the seat come together, we expect the plans of potential candidates will become more clear. Stay tuned.

7 Response to "Race for House District 48 starts early"

  1. west_rhino 13/3/09 14:58
    We also note fromteh inbox that Gresham Barrett is stepping into the Governor's race...
  2. mg 13/3/09 18:31
    You know WR I like Gresham a lot but this is one race he cannot win this time around. He would be best to keep his seat and his money.
  3. Becky 17/3/09 19:39
    Thanks for remembering!!! Who would ever believe that no one thought we could win as a Republican back then? We were aliens then, York County was Democrat to the bone! Glad we played a part in turning that around!
  4. Earl Capps 18/3/09 01:50
    Yep, my how times have changed. Those days seem like a different world.

    Thanks for your part in bringing that change about. That's change I can believe in!
  5. Anonymous 1/4/09 15:53
    That YC Young Republican event was sanctioned and Greg was the acting chairman, I believe, at that time since he started the organization. I was recruited through a facebook event announcement by Greg Rogers to join the York YR's and the event was a great success! There was a great local band, and I believe it was catered by a local restaurant which supported the community. We need more young people who work hard like Rogers promoting the Republican party! As for the "bar tab" nickname..I have friends who went to school with Rogers and never heard him being called that. We wonder why the majority of young people are moving from the Republican perspective to the Democratic mindset and I believe it's because Republicans "bash" their own, bringing up any and everything false, which leaves the Democrats with the ability to clean house! Micheal Johnson who came in 3rd in his first house run attempt and won by only 1 vote for his school board seat may need to finish his current term cause we don't want to lose that seat to a Democrat.
  6. Anonymous 1/5/09 11:06
    Wow: The story will never end withe Greg Rogers nor Paul Lindemann. These guys are the Daileys and Blogo's of SC. Honestly when will this stuff just go away? Anonymous you clearly have no clue what your talking about Grge Rogers did this event against what most YR's said they opposed this event and he still followed through with it. Yeah they may have had a great band, and food but who would not for $900? Then stiff the people for their money ..... He was told not to do the event because it was 2 days after the primary and no one would attend, then people got wind that he failed to pay the bar owner and they were going to come after the YC Party to recoup their money that is when the Party paid for their failed event not because Greg asked but because we did not need blasted for it because of poor arrogant judgement!

    Greg does not know how to organize a true event ,case in point they blew another event with FIRE coalition just a short few weeks ago when they bounced numerous checks and had a crowd of 71 in the Wintrhop Coliseum.

    Then go to the Herald and lie about why they bounced numerous checks and they knew they were no good we have a friend that knows for a fact. These guys are dum and dumber and they both want to run for seats just read the Rock Hill Herald they have been the stars of this liberal newspaper and are an embarrasment to hold any seat in South Carolina even dogcatcher!

    Republicans dont bash their own they have to defend theirselves for poor judgement of others in their party, I feel if they ar not accountable to the people they serve and stand at a higher standard then they should be removed , defeated from the party. We will do everything we have too to make sure that York County gets a true Conservative in there who will not hit the papers anynmore. We will defeat Paul and Greg if they consider running for 48 or County Council!
  7. Jack Rabbit 6/8/09 23:33
    Rogers has cheated others ----find out if he ever paid his tab at the Magnolia Room in Rock Hill??????

    Earl---while you are researching how about checking out all the candidates for District 48.

    We need to know their voting records, their marital/family status, their bar room tabs, why they are running, who is backing them (We hear that some of the Springs family may be backing one of the candidates.)

    I beleive their are at least 5 candidates at this time and as a voter I am glad the "circus" of Rogers and Lindeman have dropped out of this race!

    Earl---can you help us with this research? thanks buddy----cheers to you.;

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