Rumored SCGOP candidate seeking to buy votes?

Reports have surfaced that blogger Earl Capps is offering to pay off potential supporters if he decides to seek the SCGOP Chairmanship.

Yes, we said Earl Capps wants to BUY YOUR VOTE.

That's why he's offering two free nights of hotel lodging - anywhere in the US of A - to the individual who can give the best answer as to why they love or hate the Blogland.

Worthy runners-up will be eligible to receive free rooms or have Anthrax (CDs) mailed directly to their homes.

To be eligible for this contest, all entries must be emailed to so he'll know who sent them. Once received, all entries will be posted on the blog for our readers to see.

Remember, you can't be a loser unless you play, and if you don't play, you're a loser already!

18 Response to "Rumored SCGOP candidate seeking to buy votes?"

  1. Mike Reino 15/3/09 11:57
    Rock, Chicks and Politics... The ponytail, the Hawaiian shirt and checkboard sneakers..Melkite Catholicism and telling us more about highway contruction than we care to know. Whether that makes us love or hate the blog, I'm not sure...
  2. Earl Capps 15/3/09 13:01
    Thanks Mike - but you didn't have anything to say about the Shatner video?
  3. mg 15/3/09 13:45
    I will your Shatner sucks
  4. Anonymous 15/3/09 20:03
    Your postings allow me to have a few good laughs in an otherwise dog-eat-dog world!
    Thank you for the relief.
    Now,at 8PM, I can go to bed in a very relaxed mood.

    Rick Beltram
  5. Mike Reino 15/3/09 21:46
    Tough Crowd this month..
  6. Reader from Darlington 16/3/09 08:30
    Thanks to you, my car runs better, my dog is nicer and my wife left me. All in all, my life is much better. THANKS BLOGLAND!
  7. Reader from Conway 16/3/09 08:31
    A lot of what I see in the South Carolina blogosphere is paid hacks shilling for their paymasters. At least when Earl puts it out there, it may be bullshit, but it comes from his heart.

    Get help and stop kowtowing to the Bushit agenda.
  8. Reader from Lexington 16/3/09 08:33
    Very entertaining and informative. It's nice to see one Republiblogger who hasn't sold his soul to Howard Rich, even if he sold out to Mike Reino at Arby's.
  9. Anonymous 16/3/09 09:17
    A pack of lies.
  10. The Byzantine Rambler 16/3/09 14:44
    Hey Earl, have you seen this report? I would be very interested in your thoughts regarding it.
  11. Earl Capps 16/3/09 15:19
    Come on now, stick to the assignment - I know you and Karen would love a weekend away, but you can't get it unless you put up a quote about the blog.
  12. Mab 16/3/09 19:37
    Hey Earl,

    I do love the Blogland and I'll tell you why really soon.

    Father Byzantine -- that is a good article on Governor Sanford. He has his ideological supporters! He attracts a lot of detractors as well -- as noted in the comments below the article.

    I would like for Earl to give his thoughts on this article, as well. For people to call every move Gov. Sanford makes posturing is hard to understand. Some of us get physically ill about spending money we don't have. It's almost like being a tightwad from the womb. It must be hereditary because I have become my parents, MUCH to my chagrin.
  13. A Reader from the Mojave (MG) 17/3/09 02:04
    You got them going now. It is 2 AM Eastern time 11 PM California time and I just made it to China Lake in the High Desert. The wind is blowing the Navy is flying their newest aircraft. The Wind Farm is working beautiful and the Solar Farm will be making energy tomorrow. See that is why we read your blog for escape.
  14. Alabama Man 17/3/09 08:03
    Earl, me and my ole lady really need a vacation. We read your blog from our trailer because even poor people like us have internet access. My ole lady thinks you are some kind of stud, which has led to marital problems between us. Don't worry, it is nothing I can not handle. Being from Alabama, daddy taught me how to keep my woman in line, but if she calls me Earl one more time in the bedroom, I swear I'll.. But, in Alabama, a man who disrupts another man's marriage pays his debt. So, give me and my wife the tix and all will be forgiven. At the least I can sell the tix to help pay the child support back in Dothan. Damn if Alabama can't find South Carolina.
  15. west_rhino 17/3/09 09:02
    Top ten reasons I love blogland,

    10. It is free

    9. It links to Mike Burleson's site

    8. It is free

    7. It is linked to SC6

    6. It is free

    5. Did I mention Shatner?

    4. It is free

    3. It is linked to Father Titus' site

    2. Did I mention free with no popups (Earl's wardrobe malfunctions don't count).

    1. Delisted by Jeff Sewell, it must be too conservative or practical for Columbia.
  16. Anonymous 25/3/09 09:26
    the most delusional and most misleading propaganda that i can find online.
  17. R. Brian McCarty 26/3/09 08:03
    I love the Blogland because it:
    1)made William Shatner an internet star
    2)reminded me that Anthrax was once a band, not a weapon of mass destruction
    3)gets interviews my blog can never hope to get
    4)has my back when I go up against the Anderson nutjobs
    5)makes me laugh out loud over things like Batman and Robin in Berekely County
    6) it pisses so many people off.
  18. mg 27/3/09 14:35
    There is so many good comments that I can not possibly beat out the guy from Alabama or West_Rhino.

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