SCGOP Chair candidate linked to other candidate?

As many Blogland readers recall, past tensions between Earl Capps, blogger and potential SCGOP Chair candidate, and Rick Beltram, current Spartanburg GOP Chair and SCGOP Chair candidate, were reportedly rather thick. So much that when he visited the Spartanburg GOP Memorial Day picnic last year, several there were eyeing both of them as if expecting fireworks.

However, recent revelations suggest there may be a different side to this story. This picture, released by Clarendon County GOP Vice-Chair Moye Graham from the 2008 convention, shows the two enjoying a few minutes of conversation and smiling for the camera:

Did their past feuding really serve as a subterfuge which masked a shadowy conspiracy between the two? Is Capps on the take to support Beltram? Enquiring minds deserve to know the real truth.

11 Response to "SCGOP Chair candidate linked to other candidate?"

  1. Richard 5/3/09 08:50
    Earl, we all know deep down inside you desire to be the Lowcountry version of Bad-Boy Beltram.

    But what is with Beltram's shirt will all those little Mexican flags? Does he has illegals doing his lawn/working on his campaign?
  2. Anonymous 5/3/09 09:26
    We knew all along that you were in it with Beltram. What's he paying you with - cooking utensils from his last job?
  3. Anonymous 5/3/09 10:23
    Little lying RINO asshole
  4. Captain James T. Kirk 5/3/09 11:03
    We knew you were with the Klingons all along. Spock, fire the photon torpedoes.
  5. Anonymous 5/3/09 13:48
    Who'd want your endorsement anyway?
  6. Earl Capps 5/3/09 21:09
    I want to thank all my readers for all the love they're showing me.
  7. Speaker's Mafia 6/3/09 00:23
    You forget how this thing of ours is ran. The Speaker will decide who the next party chairman will be, understand? You need to start paying the proper respect.
  8. Anonymous 6/3/09 11:24
    Hmmm, we hear Rick's gang has another speaker in mind...

    could you confirm that Earl?
  9. down on graham slough mg 6/3/09 19:19
    really have some winners commenting here
  10. Anonymous 9/3/09 05:26

    You were missed at the Berkeley breakfast.
    Floyd was really pandering with poor advice.
    What's next?
  11. Nancy Corbin 9/3/09 14:24
    Anonymous must be playing both sides of the fence with the candidates for Chairman, why else be afraid to put your name on your comments? I think Ms Floyd outdid both Beltram and Hall when it came to taking responisbility for being a leader. If the State Party has rules, which it does, then it should be the State Party Chairman's duty to ensure they are followed through out the State. If not why have rules at all, just let everyone do as they please...which is what has been going on in Berkeley and it appears other counties as well. It amazes me what some people will do for their own perceived power.

    I sure dislike gutless people!

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