Shatner sings to whales

It's Shaturday, and we're going downhill fast folks.

Today, Shatner isn't just signing, but he's singing to whales. Where is Greenpeace or PETA when you need them?!?

4 Response to "Shatner sings to whales"

  1. Captain James T. Kirk 14/3/09 03:34
    As Captain of the Enterprise, I learned all sorts of communication with alien species. Perhaps I can now act as a go between with your Governor and legislature. It is the least a starfleet captain can do for someone who is such a fan.
  2. Kirk to Scotty 14/3/09 09:14
    "Kirk to Enterprise."

    "Enterprise here Captain."

    "Beam me up Scotty"

    "Ah, I would Captain but the Governor held up the stimulus money to pay for the energizer, I'm afraid you are stuck with Speaker Bobby and his mafia for now."

    "Understood, Scotty, Kirk out....Damn..that.. Mark.. is keeping me from women on Beta 3 who have orgasms based on whale songs..."
  3. west_rhino 16/3/09 09:56
    Earl, are you suggesting that PETA would tow Denny Crane (USCG Reserve) back out to sea since he beached, are you?
  4. Anonymous 16/3/09 10:33

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