Slow down on I-26

This excellent story which aired on Channel 4 news Tuesday night about my employer's I-26 project talks about the safety concerns:

Some recent data:
  • Four company vehicles have been rear-ended in the work zone since work began in August. Three with employees in them at the time.
  • A random sampling of traffic citations shows motorists cited when the work zone speed limit is reduced to 45 m.p.h. for night work showed an average speed of 74 m.p.h.
  • Since January, there have been seven critical loss-of-control incidents where motorists were going so fast they either hit concrete barrier wall or ran off the road entirely
  • In a recent two week period, the Highway Patrol issued over 300 tickets during night work.
The state troopers are limited in their ability to help us due to short staffing and funding. Requirements that all ticket monies go to the state's general fund were well-intentioned, aimed at preventing the classic "speed trap towns", but those towns found a loophole to allow them to keep ticket money. If this law was changed, then fines collected from dangerous drivers could pay for extra trooper coverage, instead of expecting taxpayers to pick up the tab.

Until then, our employees will continue to dodge cars and objects being thrown at them with little help. At least until someone gets killed.

6 Response to "Slow down on I-26"

  1. Anonymous 20/3/09 13:25
    Who cares? If they don't like it, they can just quit and find another job.
  2. west_rhino 20/3/09 15:45
    So how's hanging anonymous blog snarkiness paying off for you Anon 1325?

    Earl, if that were in Chucktown's corporate limits, you know the collateral court fees, alluded to in your post, would be going to Joe's slush fund.

    BTW Earl, are y'all having to re-bid any stimulus related contracts thanks to the fine print, that all legals and illegals have to be paid at the prevailing union rate.
  3. Back from LA, CA. Also New Orleans, Atlanta MG 20/3/09 16:00
    I flew into Charleston last night at midnight and passed your work zone about 1215 am to 1230 am. The SCHP had a Taxi stopped going toward Charleston but the Columbia bound lane was running hard. These are dangerous areas and there are no way around it. People should slow down.
  4. Anonymous 20/3/09 16:15
    Time to kick some ass out there, I say.
  5. R. Brian McCarty 21/3/09 06:51
    WTF anon 1? There is always some malcontent. Somebody got pissed because I wanted it to snow a few weeks ago on my blog. Geez, Earl, the internet brings out the wild ones. I keep wondering why the people with some rather deep personal issues seem to comment on blogs more than rational people.

    Wow. Telling road workers if they don't like people running over them that they can get other jobs. Wow.

    I thought the people who commented on my blog were nuts.
  6. Mike Reino 21/3/09 17:55
    Why do I keep hearing Goose talk to Maverick with Kenny Loggins playing in the background when I saw the title of the Channel 4 piece?

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