South Carolina DSS cannot find Alabama

SC DSS's child support system continues to amaze with its ineptitude. According to the friendly folks at the Parents Rights Now blog:

According to the South Carolina DSS Abandoned Property List, ALABAMA CHILD SUP, whose last known address is PO BOX 244015, MONTGOMERY, AL 36124, has failed to claim some money that South Carolina collected on its behalf. So Alabama, if you are reading this, give South Carolina a call; the State of South Carolina has some money for you. And if you are holding money that belongs to South Carolina, we are certain that South Carolina could use it.

If it is true that the State of South Carolina is holding, and probably drawing interest on, money that belongs to the State of Alabama because it does not have a “current address” for the State of Alabama Child Support Division, then what hope do non-institutional obligees have regarding receipt of their money?

If you know the State of Alabama, or know someone who does, please give South Carolina DSS a call. They could use the help.

6 Response to "South Carolina DSS cannot find Alabama"

  1. Calhoun Fawls 11/3/09 18:05
    Maybe putting DSS in the Governor's cabinet would help DSS. Oh, wait a minute its already in the Governor's cabinet.

    I guess he's too busy being on the news networks to run one of his cabinet agencies. Bless his heart.
  2. Wes Wolfe 11/3/09 23:31
    Alabama wants nothing to do with South Carolina. As Bear Bryant said, "I ain't nothing but a winner." And, as we all know, the Gamecocks aren't winners.

  3. Anonymous 12/3/09 12:04
    Wes Wolfe:

    Alabama should want something to do with SC--SC is holding money for Alabama, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Take a look at,, and And, although SC claims that it cannot locate the Child Support Agencies for these States, all of them are listed in the White Pages and on the Internet. Maybe it’s time to employ someone at SC DSS who has heard of Directory Assistance or who can navigate the Internet.
  4. Heidi Peacock 12/3/09 12:32

    If DSS found someone able to accomplish those two tasks, they would invariably deny them a computer on which to do so.

    Been there. Did that.
  5. Anonymous 13/3/09 09:08
    Alas, tis part of the dubiously honorable family courts system with guardian ad litem programs that reek in some corners of incompetence and malfeasance akin to one candidate for RMC in Charleston that complained that the incumbent made title searchers (including her) pay for making copies at the RMC office... past practice seems to have been for folks doing title searches to sneak documents through the county's copier at no charge and bill whomever was paying them to do the search for running the copies...

    I have to ask, does SC DSS WANT to find Alabama or is it easier to collect interest on the principle held for them?
  6. Anonymous 13/3/09 09:10
    DSS....yawn....this battle seems centuries old. Hear the new director is a real nice lady who's doing her best to clean up all the poo left from how many inept directors before her! Feel sorry for her, truly. Embezzlement, fed fines of multi-millions for a non-existing computer system, now, no staff with any geography/research skills. Wonder if they're graduates of our SC public schools???

    Have no fear, DSS has a long history of "re-interpreting" their own rules & regulations. They'll make up a new policy & this will be all Alabama's fault.

    In the meantime, wonder if the SC buget allows the director to buy a bigger mop!!!!!

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