What kind of combat weaponry are you?

The first time, the test called yours truly an AK-47. This time, it's an M-134. If you haven't taken it before, give it a try:

M-134 "Mini-Gun"

A true brute, you have a "presence" every where you go. You can take on any opponent with little effort, your dependable and your reputation does the talking.

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4 Response to "What kind of combat weaponry are you?"

  1. GirlyGirl 19/3/09 16:10
    Ak-47 Assault Rifle...

    taking out more than earrings!
  2. west_rhino 20/3/09 10:40
    M-19 auto grenade launcher...

    Earl, on reflection, the AK-47 was subtle irony that suits you well
  3. Mab 20/3/09 11:04
    Maybe they should put GirlyGirl up above your work site on 1-26. In a cherry picker -- with a flashing sign:

    'Slow down and I don't mean please.'

    She can keep her earrings in I bet.
  4. Anonymous 20/3/09 13:26
    Big gun, little ...

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